September 18, 2021


About Us

What Is The American Digest?

In an era when truth is at a premium, it’s difficult to find reliable news and political commentary.  The world is changing rapidly and it’s more important than ever to find credible sources. If one happens to hold politically conservative beliefs, the search for reliable commentary and news is even more difficult. 

That’s where we come in.

The American Digest delivers high quality conservative news and commentary. We cover crucial stories that inform our readers and challenge the status quo of modern-day journalism. And we never lose sight of our truth-centric mission. 

We believe truth is not a commodity to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Nor should access to reliable information be decided by society’s elites. At The American Digest it’s our hope that our readers will be challenged, informed, equipped, and encouraged by our stories and our commitment to accuracy. 


Our approach emphasizes fundamentally conservative solutions. We firmly believe in the fundamental principles of Western Civilization as expressed in the American political experiment. But while we’re proudly conservative, we are also committed to calling balls and strikes as we see them. We may have a point of view, but we’ll never compromise the truth in favor of ideology. 

Fact Checking

The American Digest uses the most rigorous fact-checking methods and stringent editorial standards for all of its content. Our readers trust us to deliver legitimate and factually accurate news content. We value their trust and work hard to keep it. 

Our Purpose

The American Digest exists to serve all who value truth and free expression as a foundation of a better society. People are not better for silencing ideas. Nations are not stronger when they only promote one perspective of reality. A fully informed populous will be more ethical, more educated, more wealthy, and, most importantly, more free. 



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