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 May 17, 2023

Writer who sued Donald Trump allegedly wrote she was a 'massive fan' of 'The Apprentice'

Author E. Jean Carroll, who recently won part of a civil lawsuit against former President Donald Trump regarding a past rape allegation that she claims led to "defamation" and harm to her brand, was once a fan of Trump's television work.

As Donald Trump Jr. noted in a tweet last week, Carroll, in a 2012 Facebook post, proudly proclaimed her love for "The Apprentice," the hit primetime network television show that enjoyed high ratings and boosted Trump's popularity to the stratosphere.

Carroll was blasted across social media, given that she claimed Trump raped her in a department store in the 1980s. Calling herself a "massive fan" of the show would certainly be an odd comment.

For an alleged rape victim to publicly show support for the Trump-led show raises plenty of questions, assuming the post was made by her at the time.

"This seems like a perfectly normal thing to say given the accusations?!? Unless, of course, the accusations were totally fabricated and made up recently as a political hit job," Donald Trump Jr. tweeted.

The Conservative Brief pointed out that the post is still live, and noted:

Now legally we have to say that is possible to be a fan of a show that starred the person who said raped you and that post alone does not prove that she lied to the court and the media.

As a journalist I would love to ask her how she could be a fan of a show, and watched a man who she said had scarred her for life.

Many of the comments on the live Facebook post from 2012 (which could be taken down by the time this story is published) raise questions about the authenticity of Carroll's original claims.

"You made a fool of yourself in front of the whole world. Don't worry. It only gets worse for you. You tried to make Trump a hated man but you will now be the hated one. You are a disgrace to real victims. Live with it. It's the new you," one Facebook user wrote.

Another commenter added, "Well I guess everyone sees you for what you are. God HATES liars. Our God not your god because Christians don’t act like you. No doubt good always wins over evil. We just sit back and watch because your Karma is coming."

The same sentiment echoed in the hundreds of new comments on the post since its discovery went live.

Trump and his lawyers, last week, announced that they would challenge the civil judgment that, as of now, cost the former president at least $5 million, plus legal fees.

"This verdict is a disgrace," he told Fox News Digital. "It is a continuation of the greatest political witch hunt in history."

Only time will tell if he prevails in his challenge. Many hope he pulls it off.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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