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 March 28, 2023

White House roasted for amateurish video marking anniversary of the ACA

Just when you thought President Joe Biden's White House couldn't possibly be any more humiliating, it happened again this week in a big way. 

The White House took to social media to celebrate the 13-year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, which they made sure Americans know is still "the law of the land." However, it was the video clip the White House posted that made anyone watching cringe.

The video, to many, looked as though an amateur TikTok video creator produced it. The flashing, totally bizarre video that depicted Biden and former President Barack Obama was roasted in the comments section wherever it was posted.

The White House captioned the strange video by writing, "13 years later, the Affordable Care Act is still the law of the land – despite Congressional Republicans’ attempts to repeal it."


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As an Instagram user noted: "Who made this? A 12 year old girl?"

“I thought this was a parody account,” another user added.

In addition to those who were stunned that the White House, which has resources to have the best producers and designers available, posted the most amateurish video ever, some reminded Biden that under his presidency, nothing is affordable, not even healthcare.

"Just letting you know, nothing is actually affordable anymore. Especially not health care," the user wrote.

C. Douglas Golden of The Western Journal wrote:

So, yes, the toothless ACA is still around. It hasn’t made medical care any cheaper, it’s still not exactly all that popular, and the Democrats have gotten no better at selling it on social media in the intervening 13 years. Nice work.

Another Instagram user also noted that the ACA had the exact opposite effect.

"Affordable??? Omgosh…. When the ACA went into effect under Obama, my insurance cost more than doubled. Went up every year till it had tripled. Then Trump was elected. The cost went down 30% over his time in office. Now Biden is in and my insurance is higher than it’s ever been. Went up $500 a month. My insurance (with a $7000 deductible per person) is now more than my house payment. $20,000 a year in health insurance."

They added: "Affordable????? No, it’s not affordable. More socialism forced upon us under the ruse that “Health Care is a Right”…. It’s not a “Right” if someone else has to pay for it. It may be the “law of the land” but it’s socialism at its core. I’m paying for someone else’s health care AND my own. Without any say in the matter."

What the White House presumably thought would score some much-needed PR points turned into yet another joke, which pretty much sums up the Biden presidency so far.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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