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 May 21, 2023

White House official admits border chaos is intentional and is part of President Biden's economic strategy

A senior White House official admitted that the Biden administration created the immigration crisis intentionally as part of President Joe Biden's economic policy.

Katie Tobin, the senior director for transborder security on the National Security Council, stated that the Biden administration intended to use immigration to fill new jobs in spending programs, high-tech firms, and a growing economy.

Tobin claimed, "We are creating new jobs this year as we’re breaking ground on key infrastructure projects under the President’s bipartisan infrastructure law, the CHIPS and Science Act, [and] new green jobs as we implement the Inflation Reduction Act. As our economy grows, we need workers that we just don’t have enough of. So it is in our interest to bring people in and to stay competitive globally."

This admission is groundbreaking and removes any plausible deniability Joe Biden may have about the consequences of the crisis at the southern border. Joe Biden intentionally opened the border and invited thousands of illegal immigrants to enter the country and take jobs that American workers could have filled.

Sabotaging American workers

The "heart" of Joe Biden's economic policy is bringing in immigrants to fill new jobs as well as replace Americans workers.

The impact of immigration on wages is well documented and Joe Biden's decision to import millions of workers is amazing news for America's corporate class. Wages will be depressed and Americans put out of work.

Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies, addressed this saying, "The federal government is basically serving as a staffing service for American corporations … This administration is clearly rooting for large corporations, the Chamber of Commerce, and employers who don’t want to raise wages, at the expense of ordinary workers. That’s a choice, but it should be made clear what they’re choosing and whose interests they’re serving."

President Joe Biden may be a Democrat who loves talking about raising taxes on the rich and corporations but in reality he is the best thing that has happened to corporate America in years.

In stark contrast to Joe Biden's corporate allegiances, former President Donald Trump was ruthless when it came to shutting the border and reducing immigration. Thanks to Trump's efforts, American workers made real gains before Joe Biden's economy wiped everything out.

For a senior White House official to blatantly admit that everything that is happening is intentional speaks to just how much contempt the Biden administration has for the American people.

Flood of migration

Both legal and illegal immigration have been at record highs since President Joe Biden was sworn in as President. Legal immigration has received less attention but may be just as problematic for Americans.

Fiscal year 2022 saw nearly one million immigrants gain citizenship while there were nearly three million border crossings by illegal immigrants. That doesn't include the massive number of crossings that went unobserved.

The Biden administration has brought in millions of immigrants yearly and now we know exactly why he has let this happen.

President Biden should be impeached for this blatant dereliction of duty. He has chosen to serve corporate America and immigrants over regular Americans who are struggling already thanks to record inflation and economic burdens.

Written By:
Robert Hoel

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