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 May 4, 2023

White House dismisses allegations of bribery by President Biden

It has long been suspected that President Joe Biden has been selling influence going back to his days as former President Barack Obama's Vice President.

Now a bombshell report seems to have found the proof that President Biden engaged in a criminal bribery scheme when he was Vice President. Allegedly, the FBI is in possession of a document detailing Biden's agreement with a foreign national to make certain policy decisions. 

In return, that unnamed national would pay Biden for his support presumably of some international venture.

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) is demanding the FBI turn that document over to Congress so the Oversight Committee can get to the bottom of these allegations.

FBI has the evidence

The document detailing the agreement is an FBI-generated FD-1023 form which raises questions about why the FBI hasn't acted on this information already.

The fact the FBI already has this evidence and Republican's are having to demand they turn it over indicates the FBI is protecting Biden's criminal activity.

The White House has so far been dismissive of the story with spokesperson Ian Sams casting doubt on the story while interestingly not outright denying the allegations.

Sams took to Twitter to say, "How this innuendo is being covered AP: ‘The lawmakers used the word ‘alleged’ three times in the opening paragraph’ ‘offer no evidence of the veracity of the accusations or any details.'"

The lack of an outright denial speaks volumes as to how serious these allegations could be.

President Biden and his administration have been fighting allegations of corruption for years but this story could be too much to overcome.

Selling influence

Business has been good for the Biden family over the past decade. Joe Biden's constant presence in the White House has brought in a lot of money from those seeking his support.

Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, has been the middle man connecting Biden's influence with anonymous and wealthy figures.

The Biden family business functions much like the Clinton foundation run by Bill and Hillary Clinton. The difference is the Clinton Foundation stopped bringing in money when Hillary's political career died.

If these allegations are true, it could mean the end of Joe Biden's career as well as reveal that the FBI has been a partisan body protecting Democrats all along.

Written By:
Robert Hoel

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