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 March 2, 2024

White House aides playing larger role amid Biden's collapsing popularity and rising protests

President Joe Biden was never popular but things have gotten much worse in recent months and increasing pressure is being put on his aides as the President's approval continues to collapse.

The biggest issue that Biden's campaign is facing right now is the sudden appearance of massive pro-Palestinian protests. President Biden's support of Israel's war against the terrorist organization Hamas has upset the progressive left who have launched massive and disruptive protests with chants of "genocide Joe."

Holding campaign events was already difficult before but with the pro-Palestine crowd making Biden's life hell, its never been a worse time to work in the White House.

The Biden campaign has been forced to take drastic actions to avoid embarrassing showings by making Biden's small rallies even smaller.

They have also been withholding locations from the media and the public until Biden arrives and have made it a priority to avoid colleges where Palestinian support is highest. All of this is incredibly embarrassing and has made Biden's limited appearances even more controlled.

Back to the basement

President Biden has spent most of his term either hidden away in the White House or away on vacation.

Biden's health issues have made it so that he needs to be kept away from the public as much as possible. The few occasions he does appear are often marred by gaffes and awkward moments that reveal just how much Biden has aged.

One political observer told NBC News that, "He’s better in small venues. But the downside is that means he doesn’t reach as many voters. The point is to reach as many voters as you can, and those small events don’t."

Obvious coping aside, this contrasts terribly with Donald Trump who is holding massive rallies in arenas and has no trouble in dealing with protestors.

In fact, Trump has to deal with far less protestors than Biden does. It helps that Trump has actual energy and could shut down protestors while his energized supporters cheer him on while Biden is too frail and his support is too apathetic.

Even if Biden could handle the protestors, he can't allow national media to see these protests as it would only further divide an already fractious Democrat Party. The only option Biden has is to hold small events and continue hiding in the basement.

Future plans

Biden does have one major campaign event coming up and no doubt his poor aides are stressing about it. Biden will appear later this month with former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama for a discussion moderated by late-night host Stephen Colbert.

Colbert was picked by the Biden campaign specifically because he will go easy on Biden and the venue will be small while attendees will likely be vetted.

However, this event won't help Biden reach out to normal Democrat voters who are skeptical and apathetic about another four years of Biden. With the limitations Biden is facing, it's hard to imagine he will have any success with anyone outside of very leftist circles.

Written By:
Robert Hoel

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