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 November 9, 2022

Whistleblower reveals Joe Biden was involved with online gambling scheme with Hunter Biden

A whistleblower revealed Monday that President Joe Biden was involved in an online gambling scheme in Latin America with his son Hunter Biden while serving as vice president, Breitbart reported. This contradicts the president's prior claims that he never discussed business with his son.

The unnamed source claimed that the president participated in a 2012 conference call about this overseas business venture with online gambling company Ocho Global. The scheme involved the Bidens as well as Hunter's business associate Jeff Cooper, the late lawmaker Harry Reid, and his son, Key Reid.

"With the direct observations I had, it's obvious Joe was participating in the business," the informant claimed of Joe Biden. "He wasn't passive, he was talking about it. If I had to describe him, he was like a member of the Board of Directors."

The gambling platform had operations in Uruguay, Peru, Argentina, and Mexico. Those involved in the call were concerned with government officials. "Harry Reid asked whether or not the Peruvian government had been taken care of." the informant said.

"Cooper replied that it had all been taken care of; the Peruvian cooperation was in place," the source went on. "That's when Joe Biden said, 'That's what we need to hear more of boys. We need to be making progress,' or something like that," the informant added.

"Just an effusive comment that was endorsing that he was happy that things were proceeding." Joe Biden also had several other inquiries that demonstrate his level of involvement.

'"Do we need to be doing other things with government officials? What do we need to do to get this moving ahead?'" the informant recalled Joe Biden's questions. "He asked about what the revenue projections were and how soon the Ocho Rio software… could be demoed."

There is no indication that Joe Biden received direct compensation. However, it is just another instance where there's proof that the president knew what his son was up to, and that perhaps he was benefiting from his high-level political position.

The source claimed to have kept this information from the FBI over fears that it wouldn't be investigated because the bureau would shield Harry Reid, the former Senate Majority Leader, and Biden. The proof was in when Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) revealed that the investigation into Hunter Biden and his laptop was intentionally thwarted.

'Who are you going to go to, the FBI?" the source said. "The FBI seems to be operating as a personal security service for the Bidens lately," the whistleblower added.

Joe Biden and his staff have claimed on at least seven occasions that the president and his son never discussed business ventures together. Still, Hunter Biden's laptop has revealed at least 18 different links that prove the president wrong.

It's hard to deny that Hunter Biden had his hand in several pots overseas. What's more notable is that his presidential father is at the heart of many of these schemes despite his protestations to the contrary.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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