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 March 1, 2023

Watchdog group finds Capitol Police and FBI ignored "credible threats" prior to Jan. 6th riot at the Capitol

A nonpartisan government watchdog group found that the Capitol Police and FBI ignored "credible threats" ahead of the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol, Daily Wire reported. The revelation came from the Government Accountability Office's report Tuesday.

The GAO investigated the circumstances leading up to the breach of the Capitol building during protests following the 2020 presidential election. Protesters, ostensibly there to overturn the results of the election, entered the building and seemingly had little resistance from law enforcement.

That's precisely what GAO found, as it seemed the agencies in charge of keeping the building secure were uninterested in heeding these threats. Several federal agencies combing through social media and receiving reports from individuals were alerted to potential problems with the demonstration.

Even up to the day before the attack, Capitol Police "received a tip regarding plans to block and confront Democratic members of Congress from entering the Capitol through the tunnel system via the basement of the Library of Congress," the GAO report stated. "Further, Capitol Police personnel identified a group’s intentions to form a perimeter around the Capitol complex on the morning of January 6."

"As a result, Capitol Police deployed a Civil Disturbance Unit platoon one hour earlier than originally planned to increase the security presence at locations identified in the credible threat," the GAO report said. However, that response was insufficient, if not incomplete.

The GAO said that the Department of Homeland Security Office of Intelligence and Analysis "did not consistently follow agency policies or procedures for processing tips or potential threats because they did not have controls to ensure compliance with policies," the report stated.  Furthermore, the Capitol Police failed to "share threat products with its frontline officers."

Following the fact-finding endeavor, the GAO has made a total of 10 recommendations to the FBI, Capitol Police, and 3 other agencies. It has admonished these agencies to fix "internal control deficiencies related to processing or sharing information."

In response, a letter from FBI executive assistant director Larissa Knapp, the agency said it was "not aware of actionable intelligence indicating that a large mob would storm the Capitol building. It is worth emphasizing that the findings of the GAO do nothing to dispute that assertion."

As for the Capitol Police, Chief J. Thomas Manger said that they are working on new guidelines for sharing information about threats across agencies. Still, the damage has been done as Democrats attempt to use the incident to their advantage.

In the immediate aftermath, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her party blamed former President Donald Trump, the New York Post reported. However, a House GOP probe found severe shortcomings among the agencies that were supposed to protect the building, the lawmakers, and the political process that day.

That hasn't stopped Democrats from using incursion at the Capitol for political theater as hearings, emotional appeals, and feigned outrage have become their brand. They claim it was a "deadly insurrection" despite evidence to the contrary.

The only person directly killed that day was Ashli Babbitt, the unarmed veteran shot by a Capitol Police officer as she was coming through a window, ABC News reported. The officer was later cleared of any wrongdoing after an investigation, and leftist groups typically critical of such shootings have ignored the incident.

Now, it's clear that even the GAO indicates there were several missteps going into January 6. The agencies involved need to be held to account for the consequences, even if it isn't politically expedient.

If it's true that these agencies ignored credible threats, it points to either gross incompetence or a more nefarious motivation to allow this to happen. Considering that the Democrats have gotten so much politically from this attack, the latter explanation seems plausible.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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