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 February 19, 2023

VP Harris accuses Russia of war crimes, says all Americans back Ukraine war

Most Americans are currently worried about how they'll keep the heat on, feed their children, and keep gas in the tank under President Joe Biden's disastrous time in the White House. But Vice President Kamala Harris thinks you're more worried about something else. 

According to Breitbart, during a recent interview on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, the vice president not only said she knows all Americans back the Ukrainian people, but added that she believes Russia has committed war crimes against its neighbor.

Harris's solution to putting the war behind us? Just stop doing it, President Putin!

"Vladimir Putin decided unprovoked to start this war, and he has the ability to end it by stopping and getting out," Harris said, adding her brilliant insight as usual.

That's when she dropped the war crimes bomb.

"What Russia is doing is to forcibly attempt to change borders through acts of aggression that are not simply about attrition but are war crimes. And we take seriously this issue," Harris said.

The vice president was then asked about inflation, and if Americans will be willing to "sacrifice" for Ukraine if and when the time comes, whatever that means.

“Do you have concerns that the American people with inflation, the other problems at home, over the long haul as we’re going into a second year, and it could go on longer than that, will the American people be willing, especially with a Republican majority now in the House, will they be willing to stand up for Ukraine and make sacrifices?" host Andrea Mitchell asked.

Harris then decided to speak for us all, though I have a hunch she might have miscalculated the actual number of those who support the Russia/Ukraine war, let alone additional U.S. taxpayer dollars being sent to Ukraine virtually every week.

"I know the American people. I know who we are. And I’ve seen how the American people feel about this. I’ve seen it traveling all over our country to places you might not imagine where Ukrainian flags are flying in their windows in the front of stores," Harris said.

“Hopefully, our elected representatives will reflect how the American people feel about things like independence which is a founding principle of our nation, and we take it seriously, the independence of Ukraine, how the American people feel about the atrocities we are seeing where a woman who was at a maternity hospital preparing to give birth was slaughtered."

"I know the American people feel a sense of moral outrage and a sense of responsibility for our nation to stand with the Ukrainian people around these atrocities, and I’m confident in that," the vice president continued.

Once again, Harris has proven to us why she is grossly incapable of doing her current job, let alone having a shot at running America as its president. God help us all if she ever gets that far.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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