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 March 24, 2023

US Catholic Bishops issues directive banning transgender surgeries

U.S. Catholic leadership has finally spoken out on the issue of transgenderism, and the LGBTQ community will not like it one bit. 

According to Breitbart, the United States Catholic Bishops issued new guidance, making clear that nobody was born with the "wrong body" and that transgender surgeries are banned in the Catholic religion.

A March 20 "Doctrinal Note" made clear that in Catholic health institutions, which comprise a large number of hospitals and facilities across the country, gender reassignment surgeries and puberty blockers, among other treatments, are no longer allowed.

"Catholic health care services must not perform interventions, whether surgical or chemical, that aim to transform the sexual characteristics of a human body into those of the opposite sex or take part in the development of such procedures," the Doctrinal Note stated.

The memo went on to tout the benefits of modernized medicine and life-saving procedures but emphasized that attempting to change one's biological sex isn't something that Catholics should be doing.

"Modern technology, however, produces possibilities not only for helpful interventions, but also for interventions that are injurious to the true flourishing of the human person. Careful moral discernment is needed to determine which possibilities should be realized and which should not, in order to promote the good of the human person," the note read.

Breitbart noted:

The interventions advocated by many as treatments for “gender dysphoria” or “gender incongruence” do not respect “the fundamental order of the human person as an intrinsic unity of body and soul, with a body that is sexually differentiated,” the doctrinal note states, and thus Catholic healthcare services must not perform them.

The group of bishops added that "there is an order in the natural world that was designed by its Creator and that this created order is good."

In other words, God made us who we are supposed to be, and the bishops plainly stated that such order should be respected.

Social media users reacted to the guidance.

"God's image is not found in the mutilation of the human body," one Twitter user wrote.

While the new directive was widely praised, it also received intense pushback from transgender activists. While Catholic hospitals can ultimately make the final decision on whether or not to practice such surgeries and treatments, they now do so at the risk of losing support from the leaders within the Catholic religion.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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