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 April 11, 2024

Trump's Last-Ditch Effort To Postpone Hush Money Trial Rejected

In a decisive move, a New York appeals court judge rejected former President Donald Trump's last-minute appeal to delay his upcoming criminal trial related to hush money payments and to change its venue.

CNBC reported that the judge dismissed Trump's claim that a fair trial in New York was unattainable due to pervasive publicity.

The court's decision arrived the same day the motion was filed, underscoring the urgency and the contentious nature of the legal proceedings. Trump sought not only a venue change but also a suspension of the gag order that bars discussing potential witnesses or the judge’s family.

The Incessant Battle over Venue and Jury Bias

With jury selection scheduled to begin next week, Trump's attorneys argued vigorously that their client could not receive an impartial trial in New York, mainly due to the intense negative publicity surrounding the case. Emil Bove, representing Trump, pointed to survey data claiming overwhelming bias among potential jurors.

Steven Wu, arguing for Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, countered the defense's claims, asserting that Manhattan jurors could indeed serve as fair and impartial adjudicators, regardless of the publicity, which he argued Trump had helped incite.

"He (Trump) cannot drum up a media circus and then use that publicity to seek a change of trial venue," Wu stated, emphasizing the role Trump played in fueling the media coverage. The prosecution's stance suggests that the attempts to change the venue are more strategic than based on factual necessity.

Judge and Gag Order at the Center of Legal Wrangling

Further complicating matters, Trump’s legal team has relentlessly sought to delay the trial, making no fewer than eight attempts to push the dates. They have also challenged the appropriateness of the judge presiding over the case, citing potential biases related to his daughter’s political engagements.

The defense has argued for the judge's recusal, suggesting that his daughter’s political activities and their purported influence on his rulings compromise the fairness of the trial. Meanwhile, the expanded gag order now also prevents Trump from making public comments about the judge's and Bragg’s family members that could jeopardize the trial's integrity.

Criminal Charges and the Road to Trial

The upcoming trial, set to begin with jury selection next week, involves allegations that Trump arranged payments to adult film actress Stormy Daniels to prevent disclosure of an affair, with the payments being improperly recorded as business expenses. This trial is the first among several criminal cases filed against Trump.

Trump has actively employed social media to criticize the proceedings and express his discontent with the judicial system, targeting both legal professionals and their families involved in the case. This has added another layer of complexity and public interest to the proceedings.

Conclusion: Preparing for a High-Profile Trial

In sum, Trump’s attempts to postpone the trial and change its venue have been robustly dismissed by the courts, reflecting the legal system's resolve to proceed without undue delay. As the trial approaches, the strategies employed by Trump’s defense team, the responses from the prosecution, and the court’s rulings highlight the intricate dynamics of high-stake legal battles in America.

Written By:
Christina Davie

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