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 September 2, 2023

Trump's Georgia trial will be televised, promises to be biggest TV event of the year

Former President Donald Trump's election interference indictment in Georgia will now be televised according to a decision from the presiding judge.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee announced that he will permit a YouTube stream of all related hearings and trials in Trump's fourth indictment case in a move to further publicize the trial against Trump.

Judge McAfee is also permitting pool coverage for television, radio and still photography which means there is a strong potential that Trump's trial will now be the television event of the year.

Of the four cases against Trump, this will likely be the only one that has such extensive access. Two indictments are taking place in federal courts, so there is little to no chance of such broad media access.

The third indictment is in New York, a state that also heavily restricts photography and recording in the state's courtrooms.

Political investigation

For Democrats, such extensive exposure and free-flowing information may not be to their advantage.

District Attorney Fani Willis's indictment of Donald Trump is highly politicized and many expect it to fall apart in court. If indeed Willis's indictment is as sloppy as some suspect, a televised collapse would do untold damage to the credibility of Trump's enemies.

Trump's lawyers will likely use Willis's overtly political stances to undermine her indictment of the former President, and the presence of the media will strengthen those attacks.

Trump's team has already made several moves hitting at Willis directly. When Willis posted a political cartoon about Trump, his team argued, "Posting a political cartoon depicting the influencing of witnesses in an “investigation of this significance, garnering the public attention it necessarily does and touching so many political nerves in our society,” does not create the appearance of an unbiased and “apolitical” investigation."

Willis also used the indictment to boost her national profile as well as fund raise for her reelection campaign.

Trump's team stated, "Within a couple of days, the FCDA’s Twitter account increased by approximately one-hundred thousand followers, and requests for campaign donations were retweeted thousands of times. On at least three occasions, the FCDA personally inserted herself into this Twitter campaign for “followers, tweets and donations” which specifically referenced this investigation; it is that personal involvement and interest which creates the disqualifying conflict."

Can't hide the truth

If Trump's trial was closed off to recording and photography, it would be much simpler for the mainstream media to manipulate and mislead the public about the facts of the case.

Now with the trial being televised, Americans will have direct access to the unvarnished truth and all of the information that Trump's legal team will bring to the trial.

When all is said and done, Democrats will regret perverting the justice system to go after their top political opponent. Trump has already gathered incredible momentum from the multiple indictments against him and that momentum might just carry him right into the White House.

Written By:
Robert Hoel

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