April 21, 2021

Trump signs executive order on police reform

Donald Trump just stole House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) thunder by signing a landmark police reform executive order on Tuesday.

House Democrats, led by Pelosi, have been working on police reform legislation for several weeks now, but Donald Trump has already taken definitive action.

Trump began working with law enforcement groups and government leaders to come up with a solution for police brutality in the wake of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in late May. He also met with the families of several individuals that had died during police encounters.

Trump’s order bans the controversial use of chokeholds, among other measures. Fox News reported:

Trump’s order will touch on use of force best practices, information sharing to track officers who have repeated complaints against them and federal incentives for police departments to deploy non-police experts on issues like mental health, homelessness and addiction.

In his announcement prior to signing the order, Trump affirmed the need for police reform while defending, not defunding police organizations.

“Though we may all come from different places and different backgrounds, we’re united by our desire to ensure peace, dignity and equality for all Americans,” Trump said in the White House Rose Garden. “We have to find common ground.”

As Democrat leaders nationwide attempt to cripple police forces, Trump firmly rejected the notion, warning against “more stoking of fears and division.”

Americans know the truth without police — there is chaos without law, there is anarchy, and without safety there is catastrophe,” Trump continued. “We need to bring law enforcement and communities closer together, not to drive them apart. Violence and destruction will not be tolerated.”

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218 Responses

  1. Thank you Mr President! You are the President this country needs desperately! We support you all the way! Thank you for all you do for us & our country!!!!

      “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

      1. Your comment is so true and I hope that a most people will wakeup and pay attention to what is happening to our country, we are at a dangerous point in our country because the DemoRAT party has been taken over by the Communist Party, so it’s shit or get off of the potty because this next election is going to tell the truth about the future of our country. Trump 2020!!!

  2. Thank God you are leading our country at this crucial period of our growth. Politicians such as Pelosi and those of her ilk would quickly place our nation in a position where we would not have the slightest chance of remaining the leader of the free world.

  3. God bless our great 45th President and his great family. None take a pay check and they constantly are at work for us. What a great Commander in Chief! These stupid entitled monsters of the left will be destroyed as evil eventually rots itself from the inside out. Woe Betide those who do harm and hurt others. Woe Betide monsters, all shall become beasts of burden.

    1. Your comment is PERFECT. I totally agree with you. The left is DETERMINED TO OWN THE USA, and to do so they must murder a LOT of Americans….and I believe they would do just that, especially if they believe they could do it without punishment…..and if the left owned the nation, that would be the case. I think all people in our country who DESPISE it should be shipped off to somewhere else, and I think it is the government’s job to do just that. Our government SAYS it is here to protect us…..I do not see that happening…..I see them going easy on the traitors and America haters. I thank God for President Trump. He has guts and he IS AMERICAN.

      1. Thank you, President Donald Trump is the best and does everything possible for America and the American People. And the DEMO-RATS and Pelosi are doing all they can to dishonor our President.

  4. Thank you President Trump. You are the best President we have had in my 80 years of living and I will definitely be voting for you again in Nov. We MUST have our police to help keep the peace and stop crime. Sorry the democrats can’t seem to find their way in the dark these days. What a pitiful party they have turned out to be.

  5. Hooray for President Trump. As always the voice of reason and common sense. To the demonrats eat dirt losers.

  6. I totally agree with President Trump, Thank You Mr. President for truly caring about my family and our Country. You are and always will be the best President I have been able to see in my lifetime thus far.

  7. Thank you President Trump for coming up with a sensible solution. Whoever started screaming defund the police departments are the criminals that want to get by with their crimes. All police put their lives on the line for us daily and they should be respected. There should be a law also that if any police officer is murdered as so many have, when the guilty party is found and tried, it should automatically be a life sentence with no parole. These people that have been rioting , stealing, burning and killing should be tried and given the same life with no parole. These people are being paid by some billionaire or billionaires to destroy our Country. May God bless the FBI to find out the people that are guilty of trying to destroy our Country and be able to arrest them and bring them to trial. Praying for common sense to come back to the Democrat party.

    1. We passed a law back a few years ago to kill anyone in law enforcement that was killed, would be given the automatic death penalty, that was voted down by our stupid people in political power, I think it should be reinstated and not be allowed to change by any politician, but by the people. That is the same thing these politicians our doing trying to take away our guns so we can’t protect ourselves or our family’s. Only the politicians our who we should protect ourselves against, they are the enemies of our nation.

  8. The bunch that took over Seattle Capital Hill: They say no one comes in and no one goes out. OK. Put a barrier around the entire area. Station national guard around the outside of the area with orders that just like they say. No one goes in and no one goes out. No helicopters bring food, water, medical or any other aids. No drones enter. Let them have their chance there. They will soon deplete their life’s neccesities and beg to get relief. Sorry you got what you wanted now l live with it.

  9. Too bad for Hillary they don’t have classes on common sense in high school or college. If by chance they did, she cut those classes big time. I think the Democrats all went to the same schools. Power and Money School, where nothing else matters.

  10. Too bad for Hillary they don’t have classes on common sense in high school or college. If by chance they did, she cut those classes big time. I think the Democrats all went to the same schools. Power and Money School, where nothing else matters.

  11. GovNr. President, I am so grateful you are my president. God bless you during these times..m

  12. Pelosi thinks she runs this country. She is very grandioise in her thinking, apparently she learned that from her family of corrupt individuals. I guess when you have as much money as she does, she can pay to have her dirty work done, that’s why they ship in the riotors and looters. Yes, circle those in Seattle and let them run out of food, toilet places to go, water and whatever. Those doing this thing in Seattle are only hurting themselves and most of the people in the U.S. think they are totally stupid, which they are.

  13. Please, won’t somebody in the Republican party show solidarity for their party and President Trump by kicking out or stopping funding the Rinos. These are not Republicans by any clear definition. They are not only disloyal but agreeing with the SCDEMs-SOCIALIST COMMUNIST DEMORATS. Stopping giving money to them. The SCDEMs are probably giving them their financial support.

  14. I’m glad to read that Trump beat Pelosi’s mauraders to the game by issuing his executive order while they were still trying to come up with words to destroy law enforcement in our country.
    Here’s to Trump!!!!!

    1. You’re correct but her face belongs on the back end of it because it would be the perfect fit!!!!!

  15. I agree with Larry! We all need to repent now and accept Jesus in our lives. We need to reject the hatred and evil and racism of President Trump and his followers and accept the love and inclusiveness of Jesus! Tell your friends now to stop the hate and smile – Jesus Loves Us and does not want walls – He wants Us to be Nice! God Bless Us All in Our Hour of Need!

    1. You’re so wrong. Jesus wants us to be followers of him and love our neighbors, not to be nice – nice to evil? No way – fight evil and corruption. You need to go back and read your bible, as well as Larry.
      And please point out to me on what basis you believe Donald Trump to be a racist. He’s done more for minority groups than any other president EVER! The others just put out empty promises of what they’ll do for the suffering communities, but still they’re suffering from lack of direction and leadership.
      A lot of democrats are democrats because their parents were. I believe a huge majority of them don’t even research the truth, they believe the lies they hear from the mainstream media or the fake fact checkers. Perhaps you’re one of those???

      1. Hi Silas,President Trump was the leader of the movement behind the vicious lie about President Obama being born in Africa, even when he was shown proof he has constantly implied that President Obama is not American and wrongly says that President Obama is a Muslim. Even though his followers quote him as their mentor, he has never apologized. Also, he was a big reason the Central Park Five was found guilty and even after they were exonerated he still maintained that the group of black and brown men should have remained incarcerated. And once again, he never apologized even after being proven wrong again. Then, after White Supremacists killed an innocent woman in Charlottesville, President Trump said that the Skinheads protesting were good people, equal to the people protesting their hatred and racism, thus making him a racist. Won’t even get into how all Black People were ordered off his casino floor so not to upset him when he walked through the casino. Also, he lies about Black Men taking a knee in the NFL disrespecting the flag just to arouse people against them when he knows that people taking a knee are not disrespecting the flag, they are vocalizing their opposition to inequality in treatment of Black People. Also, his company was proven racist when they would not lease properties to Black People. He also advocates keeping bases in the United States named after treasonous people who fought against the United States for their right to keep slaves. President Trump advocates for the Confederate Flag also. For these reasons and many more , our President Trump is a proven racist Silas.

      2. Hi Silas, my long reply was not allowed so I will synopsize what I wrote as to our President’s racism. No Blacks on his casino floor. Opposed Central Park 5 even after proven innocent. Spearheaded racist Birther movement. Illegally excluded Black tenants. Supports CSA heroes to be American military base names. Supports Confederate flags which represent Black slavery. Supports Skinheads who killed innocent woman in Charlottesville. Lies about Colin Kaepernick and his movement. Just a small sampling Silas – will probably be my last attempt to post if this is deleted by this site. Pray for me please as I will pray for all of us! Good Luck Silas in your quest for the truth!

      1. Goodbye Silas! Two posts not permitted! American Digestis just as bad as our President! I will pray for us all!

  16. I am one person who thinks that the “Choke hold” when properly trained in it’s use and used as such is a great tool. I used this same choke hold on a violent person who was standing very close to me when he pulled a pistol with the intent of shooting and killing me. I did not have the time to pull my own firearm so I quickly wrapped my arm around his neck and “Choked him out”. I STILL had to lean my head as far away from him as I could and he managed to get off three shots that singed my hair but thankfully missed before he passed out. The Choke Hold saved my life and possibly others that day. I survived to serve another 12 years as a Police Officer and doing a job that was pretty much thankless but very rewarding to me as I know that I saved many lives in my career and proud of that fact.

  17. Thank you President Trump. You stay several steps ahead of the leftist and steal their thunder as well as their nefarious hidden crap in any bill they come up with. Way to lead.

  18. Everyone who supports President Trump needs to be sure to vote in November. I have followed elections since Harry Truman and I want our President Trump to be elected again. He has the fortitude, the brains, the skills to do the job for our country.

  19. Thank you for taking definitive action to protect all Ammeticans. Please continue your great work in our behalf. We pray for you and a second term several times a day.

  20. We were created to love one another. Yes there are people that do not want to love those around them nor do they want to go to Heaven when they leave this life. They think that they are beyond reproach by any one in authority from our Heavenly Father or the President that He placed in office. God has a plan and NO ONE OR NOTHING will be able to stop that plan from being implemented.
    I believe the people in our country can come to a UNITED decision to live together in peace and unity as we respect each other and treat everyone with respect. We need to grow up and stop acting like we are the only person that has a right to walk on God’s green earth.
    Let’s wake up and pray for a moving of God’s sweet spirit and trust and know that God’s children will make it through this mess that the demons of hell has created. Hang on brothers and sisters, we can live the life that our Savior died on a cross to provide for us even though we have hard heads sometime.
    I appreciate greatly what God is trying to do for us if we will just give Him the opportunity to bestow His goodness to us.
    In Christ love and looking for a glorious revival to come to our land.

  21. Even though I don’t like as to why POTUS is not ENFORCING THE LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES, TRUMP is still the best President ever. But there are so many ills within the entire Government/Congress/Judicial systems, and nothing seems to be done to make them right again. We have an overabundance of Rogue Corrupt Judges. The Congress is full of “COMPLACENT” people, with anti-American values.

    The best thing that can happen within our Congress/Judicial systems, is too give them TERM LIMITS 2 terms at 4 yrs ea, all even the Senate. AND, just as “IMPORTANT” MANDATORY RETIREMENTS @ 75, all Depts. including the Supreme Court. Never again should there ever be “Lifetime Appointments within our government, HOW LUDICROUS is this??? And no more should the Congress be able to give themselves a raise. Again, “LUDICROUS”

  22. What we need is some form of , “R O B O C O P S “, to replace our human counterparts, as policemen. Fairer/Faster computer decisions, go by the book , basically everyone treated the same. There would be “NO” such thing as a Racist Computer ROBOCOP. Ha! Problem solved, NEXT??

  23. Thank God for Trump- keep pushing your message so people can again hear sane arguments from DC. Democrats will ruin this country with their STUPID ideas in their effort to ruin America. Stick it to those stupid Dems who have NO CLUE and don’t want the America We know and love to follow their idiot ways.

  24. I think that is the sane thing to do. Why would any body in there right mind would want to defund the police.

  25. This country is heading toward a disaster unless the citizenry wakes up and takes a stand to support law and order and our democracy. The disaster is socialism. Who does socialism reward/protect? Those in power are rewarded /protected and they become the law that enslaves it citizens via the destruction created to the economy. Under socialism law enforcement will be used to quell free speech and our right to bear arms.

    How can the citizenry prevent this scenario? Vote for law and order. Everyone knows who the law and order candidates are. Vote in November.

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