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 December 23, 2022

Trump presents 'three crucial actions' to help contain immigration crisis

The immigration crisis at the southern U.S. border continues to burn out of control under the current administration. On Monday, former President Donald Trump introduced several actions that can be taken to get a handle on it. 

Don't put your money on President Joe Biden taking Trump's good advice, but at least someone is thinking about solutions at this point.

According to Breitbart, Trump listed "three crucial actions" that can be taken now to help mitigate the unbelievable surge, and continued expected surge of illegal migrants pouring across the border at a record pace.

Trump's border policies were highly effective in keeping numbers much lower than they are now under the Biden administration.

"Now, after announcing on April 1, 2022 that he would end my Title 42 protections at the border, and declining to appeal numerous court rulings, Biden is getting what he always wanted: the termination of the most effective border security policy in modern history," Trump wrote.

In his statement, Trump emphasized that the primary reason for the insane number of illegals coming across the border is directly related to the fact that they know President Biden and his administration will not take action to remove them.

On Wednesday, Trump released a video statement to push his vision for securing the southern U.S. border.

House Republicans have vowed to make the immigration crisis a top issue when they assume control of the lower chamber in January. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) has been on the forefront of keeping track of the issue.

The biggest threat of a new surge has been building over past months as the Biden administration was set to end the Trump-era Title 42 protections that allow for expedient deporations. Thankfully, the Supreme Court stepped in an provided temporary relief.

The border situation is never going to be perfect, but America most certainly needs leaders like Trump who will focus on the issue and at least attempt to gain some control over it while we figure out a permanent solution.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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