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 February 14, 2023

Top GOP lawmaker warns China balloon attack related to potential Taiwan conflict

The drama surrounding the Chinese spy balloon and the three "objects" shot down over North America, thought to likely also be related to Chinese surveillance operations, just took a scary turn according to one top Republican lawmaker. 

According to Breitbart, Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, warned this week during a Fox News interview that he believes a future conflict over Taiwan could be a factor.

Host Maria Bartiromo cut right to the meat of the possibility that China is merely testing the waters for a future invasion of Taiwan.

"Look, is this the preamble to the CCP going into Taiwan?" Bartiromo asked. "What are you expecting in terms of a potential invasion there? And how will the U.S. also be affected, in your view?"

McCaul's reply was nothing short of an absolute geopolitical nightmare.

"You know, my job is to analyze and report and message," McCaul replied. "I think the motivation and intent is clear here. They want to get imagery, get intelligence on our military capability, particularly nuclear. And they’re building quite a nuclear stockpile themselves."

The Republican lawmaker added: "Why do they want to do this? Well, they’re preparing — if they don’t win the elections in Taiwan next January, they are preparing for a military conflict. And they’re trying to collect information about our military capabilities in the United States in preparation for that conflict."

McCaul continued: "There’s no question about it in my mind. And that’s why that balloon was so dangerous."

The lawmaker was referencing the first object, the 200-foot tall Chinese spy balloon, which reportedly contained highly sophisticated surveillance equipment. President Joe Biden allowed the balloon to traverse the entirety of the United States before finally having it shot down.

"And it was so dangerous for the president to allow it to go forward. Once it entered U.S. airspace around Alaska, it should have been immediately shot down. It was not. And now the damage is severe in terms of compromising national security. He can’t secure our borders, but now he can’t secure our airspace over the United States of America," McCaul added.

His last statement is especially concerning, as the president still hasn't addressed the three "unidentified objects" shot down over North American airspace within the last five days or so.

We should all pray that the Biden administration gets it together before the Chinese take it another step further.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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