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By Sarah May on
 September 11, 2022

TikTok liberal recounts positive experience at Trump rally

An admittedly liberal California social media influencer experienced a shocking turn of events at a recent rally filled with supporters of former President Donald Trump when – contrary to his expectations – he encountered everyday Americans who were welcoming and ready to engage in friendly dialogue, as Fox News reports.

TikTok personality Samuel Donner, who, the Daily Caller noted, works for a group known as "100New Friends, detailed what happened at the aforementioned Trump event in Memphis, Tennessee during an appearance on Fox & Friends.

Chatting with host Steve Doocy, Donner explained, "Growing up in L.A., you think that these events are going to be like, very aggressive," suggesting that the political divide between himself and those in attendance was perhaps too great to bridge.

"I was absolutely baffled that people wanted to talk and would actually be friends with me," Donner continued, clearly pleasantly surprised by the encounters he had over the course of the evening with individuals whose ideological stances he likely did not share, but whom he ultimately described as "super friendly."

Offering a message of hope to the millions of Americans fed up with the hateful strife that dominates today's political discourse, Donner suggested that while the idea of attending the rally "seemed fairly scary" at first, he came away from the event with the clear impression that "it's just about starting those conversations. If you can start those conversations, you can actually understand where that common ground is, where it starts and maybe where it ends... ."

Donner continued, saying, "...and even [with] where it ends, you can discuss with each other like, hey, let's find that common ground," an attitude that was evidently shared with a large number of rally participants.

Despite the nervousness he professed to feeling at the start of the rally, including having "a put in my stomach the whole time," Donner marveled at the openness with which he was greeted, with one woman in particular extending an invitation to her Bible study group and displaying "a ton of empathy," regardless of their differing views. WATCH:

With so much of today's political debate and discussion seemingly engineered to foment hatred and factionalism among the American electorate, Donner's willingness to share the eye-opening revelations he gleaned from his foray into MAGA country is instructive as well as refreshing.

Written By:
Sarah May

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