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 February 7, 2023

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine reveals Biden's security team's inability to plan ahead

As Europe's largest war approaches its one-year anniversary, it is clear to all that President Biden and his security team have failed in their ongoing planning for Ukraine.

The White House and the Pentagon's current thinking revolves around providing Ukraine with the "right kit" - first Stingers and Javelins, then HIMARs, Patriots, Bradleys, and now Abrams tanks, according to Rebekah Koffler of  Fox News.

The former DIA intelligence officer, and the author of  "Putin’s Playbook: Russia’s Secret Plan to Defeat America" asserted that is this never-ending barrage of high-tech military hardware supposed to force Vladimir Putin to surrender. Here are three reasons why the Biden administration's inability to develop a serious strategy based on realistic goals and affordable costs endangers us all.

The analysis went on, saying President Biden clearly understands the risks of becoming increasingly involved in what appears to be an unwinnable war.

When criticized for his lackluster response to Putin's assault on Ukraine last February, Biden stated, "That's a world war when Americans and Russia start shooting at each other."

Biden also demonstrated a clear understanding of the dangers of arming Ukrainians to the teeth in an October speech to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

What appeared to be off-limits just a few weeks ago is now on its way to Kyiv.

Biden announced the delivery of 31 Abrams tanks a day after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy promoted "big business" opportunities to US and international investment firms at the National Association of State Chambers meeting in Boca Raton, Florida.

After receiving his tanks, Zelenskyy is now requesting F-16 fighter jets, which the president has so far denied.

What motivates Biden's reckless behavior? Is this another sign of his mental health deterioration? There is certainly some concern about this.

Last July, 54 House Republicans signed a letter to the president requesting that Biden take a cognitive test, which the president has yet to do.

First lady Jill Biden has been hustling to "shield" her husband from journalists hounding him about the mishandling of classified documents in an effort to protect her failing husband from mounting pressure.

The unexpected Abrams decision came after German Chancellor Olaf Scholz refused to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine until Washington supplied its own tanks. Is it yet another example of this administration's blatant lack of strategy?

Regardless of the motivating factors, Biden appears to be on shaky ground, especially at a time when the conflict in Ukraine is likely to escalate into a larger war in Europe, potentially dragging the United States into it as well.

Written By:
Charlotte Tyler

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