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 May 1, 2023

Ted Cruz says Biden 'behaving like a terrorist' in debt ceiling fight

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) accused President Joe Biden on Sunday of "behaving like a terrorist" in the debate over the debt ceiling, as the possibility of a default this summer loomed large in Washington.

During an interview on Fox News, Cruz urged Biden to reconsider his opposition to the legislation narrowly passed by the GOP-led House last week, which would suspend the debt ceiling until March 31, 2024, or until a debt increase of $1.5 trillion, whichever comes first, in exchange for a number of spending cuts.

According to a report by The Daily Wire, the lawmaker spoke out about the issue during an appearance on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“I’ve got some advice for Joe Biden on the debt ceiling, someone he should listen to. President Biden should listen to Joe Biden. Joe Biden in 2011 was the vice president,” Cruz said on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“Republicans had taken the House. Republicans held a hard line on the debt ceiling,” Cruz recalled.

“And Joe Biden, then-vice president, went and personally negotiated the deal that became the Budget Control Act, a bill that was designed to cut over $2 trillion in our debt. It was the most significant fiscal restraint ever passed in modern times.”

Cruz stated that former President Barack Obama did not indulge in "this kind of irresponsible fear-mongering" and noted that Obama then sent Vice President Joe Biden to Congress to negotiate an agreement.

“That Joe Biden from 2011 needs to come back, not the guy they got right now locked in the basement and a White House that’s being run by 25-year-old radicals who figure, ‘Heck, just let it all default. What do we care?'” Cruz said.

“These are little Marxists with no experience in the real world. We need to bring back the Joe Biden who’s done this before. Not the one who is behaving like a terrorist, which is what Biden is doing right now,” he added.

Biden and his fellow Senate Democrats insist on a "clean" debt ceiling measure distinct from spending cuts and policy concessions. During the standoff, the president has ratcheted up his rhetoric, accusing Republicans of holding  “wacko notions.”

Cruz acknowledged the Senate, commanded by Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), would not likely contemplate the House measure, but he urged Senate Republicans to set aside their differences and rally behind the House Republican proposal.

“Listen, at some level, unfortunately, Senate Republicans are never united. There are 49 Senate Republicans and 52 points of view. That’s just the nature of the Senate,” Cruz said.

“That being said, I think what we ought to be doing in the Senate is, we ought to be standing up and backing up the House Republicans,” he added.

“The House Republicans are showing leadership right now. And Senate Republicans should stand shoulder to shoulder with the House and say: ‘Joe Biden, come to the table.'”

Written By:
Charlotte Tyler

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