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 June 18, 2023

Ted Cruz exposes the DOJ and FBI for selectively targeting Donald Trump while ignoring Joe Biden

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) just blasted the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI. 

Cruz did so during a recent appearance on the Fox News Channel's Hannity

There, Cruz focused on the fact that the Biden administration continues to target former President Donald while ignoring alleged wrongdoing by President Joe Biden. And, Cruz explained why, in his opinion, this is the case.

Cruz's comments come after Biden's DOJ indicted Trump - Biden's top 2024 rival - on 37 counts in relation to Trump's alleged mishandling of classified materials after Trump left the White House.

Cruz's comments also come after congressional Republicans viewed an FBI document - from a source who the FBI has described as "highly credible" - that describes an alleged bribery scheme in which Biden - back when he was vice president - received $5 million in exchange for getting the prosecutor fired who was investigating Burisma - the Ukranian energy company where Biden's son, Hunter Biden, was working at the time.

Hunter Biden allegedly received $5 million as well. And, congressional Republican also say that the FBI has recordings of exchanges between the Bidens and Ukrainians.

The DOJ and FBI, though, are only targeting Trump. And, Cruz provided to Hannity his thoughts on the situation.

"Look, part of the reason that the FBI and the DOJ can be so contemptuous of the American people is they believe they will not be called to account," Cruz began.

The senator continued:

Senate Democrats certainly don’t care about the answers. They don’t care whether it is true or not that Joe Biden received a five million dollar bribe from a foreign national; not a single Senate Democrat asked about that. Senate Democrats will not hold a single hearing on that question, and they know that the corporate media will cover it up and hide You mentioned none of the corporate media even mentioned the allegations when Joe Biden was asked at a press conference about it. He laughed and said, where’s the money? You know what? Al Capone said the same thing. He’s mocking the American people.

After saying that he does not know whether Biden actually took the bribe, Cruz went on to make an interesting point.

Cruz said:

Listen, I don’t know whether it is true or false that Biden, in fact, took this bribe, but do you know who knows to a 100% certainty? Joe Biden. And if it’s false, he could call on the FBI, he could direct the FBI, hand over the 10-23, hand over the 17 voice recordings because they will exonerate me. They will demonstrate my innocence. He’s not doing that.

Rather, Cruz said that Biden's "henchmen at the DOJ are stonewalling."

Cruz went on to call the DOJ a "rogue agency that is thoroughly politicized" and "thoroughly weaponized."

Cruz also called the Trump indictment "utter and complete garbage," contrasting it with the classified documents situations involving both Biden and Hillary Clinton, noting that neither have been prosecuted.

Written By:
Robert Ayers

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