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 February 21, 2023

Taliban graduates 3 new helicopter pilots possibly trained on US equipment

Any common sense observer knew that when President Joe Biden's disastrous Afghanistan pull-out was finished, the leftover U.S. military equipment and supplies would give the bad guys a huge leg up.

It appears that Biden is now a platinum-level sponsor of the Taliban's newest helicopter pilots.

In an image posted to Twitter last week, a Middle East journalist included an image of who are said to be the terrorist force's newest trained helicopter pilots. But it's the type of helicopters included on their certificates that proves we left far too much equipment behind.

"The newly graduated Taliban pilots from a training center show from their documents that they have become pilots in the operational helicopter section. If, God forbid, when they fly, they will shoot from above any living thing they see on the ground," the tweet read.

The helicopter depicted on the certificates appears to be that of an MD-530, which just so happens to be the type of U.S. helicopter that the Biden administration left behind in Afghanistan. What a coincidence!

The idea that the Taliban has now elevated itself to a level capable of operating MD-530 helicopters on the battlefield is nothing less than a total indictment of how incompetent the current U.S. leadership truly is.

Groups like the Taliban, as they terrorize their own country into submission, are dangerous enough on horseback and small trucks.

Now, imagine Taliban forces terrorizing the people of Afghanistan in advanced U.S. military helicopters. All thanks to President Biden.

What can an MD-530 do? Apparently, a lot. It's a massive gift to the bad guys from the Biden administration, to say the least.

It's described as a "versatile" aircraft with a range of capabilities that make it ideal for a variety of missions. One of its key strengths is its agility, which allows it to operate in tight spaces and low-altitude environments. This makes it well-suited for urban combat missions.

In addition to its agility, the MD-530 is known for its speed and range. It has a cruising speed of over 130 knots and a range of up to 325 nautical miles, which makes it well-suited for missions that require rapid response times or long-distance travel. These capabilities also make it a popular choice for military operations, including close air support and reconnaissance.

Another notable feature of the MD-530 is its advanced avionics system. This system includes a digital cockpit display, GPS navigation, and advanced communication systems, which provide pilots with real-time information about weather, terrain, and other critical factors. These capabilities enhance situational awareness and help pilots make informed decisions during missions.

Sadly, it probably won't be long until we see the first video footage of Taliban pilots flying around in our choppers killing innocents on the ground. The Biden administration should be the first to pray that day never comes.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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