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 March 13, 2024

Supreme Court extends stay on Texas law allowing state police to apprehend illegal immigrants

The U.S. Supreme Court has extended a stay to allow more time to review a Texas law giving state police the right to arrest suspected illegal immigrants, CNN reported. The law will not go into effect until the high court decides on its constitutionality. 

Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott signed the bill into law back in December, which allowed police to arrest and hold suspected illegal immigrants. The state is facing an illegal immigration crisis, and the federal government is doing precious little to stop it.

Almost immediately after it became law, Democrats and leftists objected to the policy on the basis that it would cause discrimination. Advocacy groups asserted that it was an invitation to racially profile and expressed concern that the law would be used unfairly against minorities.

A federal judge had blocked the law, but the temporary stay only lasted until March 10. Without the most recent intervention by the Biden administration to extend the stay until Monday, the law would have gone into effect earlier this week.

The GOP Takeover

The left-leaning publication Vox has unequivocally asserted that the Texas law is unconstitutional even as the Supreme Court examines the issue. Many believe that the conservative court majority made up of GOP-appointed justices is to blame for even considering it.

The publication claims that since a similar law enacted in Arizona during former President Barack Obama's administration was struck down, the Texas law isn't even a question. "The Supreme Court struck down several key provisions of SB 1070 in Arizona, in an opinion which also reaffirmed that the national government, and not the states, must have primacy over immigration," Vox claimed.

However, even the liberal publication couldn't deny that the problem Texas is facing is exponentially worse than anything that came before. Vox noted that the number of migrant encounters ballooned from a high of half a million a year in the 2010s to "around 2 million a year."

Another contributing factor to the problem is that Biden allowed Title 42 protections, which allowed the U.S. to turn away immigrants based on public health concerns, to expire in May 2023. The rule was made under former President Donald Trump, who was a Republican.

Texas has taken the brunt of these changes under a Democratic administration. Rather than acknowledge that, leftists insist the GOP is simply after a power grab.

Texas Fights for its Future

Many of the tactics the Lone Star State employed came from a place of desperation. Texas installed razor wire and floating barriers in the Rio Grande to stem the tide of illegal immigrants and prevent Border Patrol from using it as a staging area.

Instead of acknowledging that this was their solution to a problem, the federal government challenged the legality of such a measure. The Supreme Court said in its 5-4 decision that Texas had no right to protect itself and ordered the barriers removed.

As the 2024 election grows nearer, Biden has been forced to acknowledge there is an issue. Still, his Justice Department continues with its challenge against Texas, including the most recent objection to allowing law enforcement to pick up the slack on immigration enforcement.

Something has to be done for these border states that are suffering directly from Biden's immigration policy that has caused the problem to come to a head. States like Texas are the ones stuck with the unvetted masses sneaking over the border.

Biden should support efforts to enforce federal immigration laws that his administration is unwilling or unable to address. Instead, he is more interested in going after the people trying to curb the problem instead of those who are part of it.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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