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 July 21, 2023

Stanford's Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion resigns after incident with federal judge

Tirien Steinbach, Stanford's Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, has resigned after it was discovered that she had encouraged a hostile protest against a federal judge appearing for Stanford's Federalist Society.

Kyle Duncan, a judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, was invited to speak on campus on March 9th but the event was shut down by violent leftist students who had been organized and were protected by Steinbach.

Now four months later, a letter to Stanford Law School students and staff announced that Steinbach had resigned from her position.

Stanford Law School Dean Jenny Martinez wrote, "Tirien Steinbach has decided that she will be leaving her role," leaving room to speculate on whether Steinbach had been forced to resign or had made the decision on her own.

Good riddance

Regardless of the exact circumstances of Steinbach's resignation, seeing her leaving the school is great news for embattled conservative students as well as Judge Duncan who was both shocked and appalled by the incident.

The event Duncan appeared for was titled, "The Fifth Circuit in Conversation with the Supreme Court: Covid, Guns, and Twitter."

Viral videos from the event show rabid leftist protestors shouting Duncan down and disrupting the event which is in violation of Stanford's policies which permit protests but not disruption of events.

Steinbach appeared at the event and instead of enforcing the school's policies, she instead attacked Steinbach saying, "We believe that the way to address speech that feels abhorrent, that feels harmful, that literally denies the humanity of people—that one way to do that is with more speech and not less."

She then stated, "I look out and I say, ‘I’m glad this is going on here.'" So not only was she failing to do her job, she was openly endorsing the disruptive activities of the radical protestors.

Steinbach was glad that protestors were shouting "We hope your daughters get raped,” at Duncan. Furthermore, Stanford's DEI office organized a protest that ostracized students who refused to participate.

Steinbach should never hold a job in education again and Stanford is already a better school with her gone. However, Steinbach is just one of many individuals who have created a toxic and authoritarian culture on American college campuses.

Long fight ahead

Colleges across the nation have been taken over by radical individuals like Steinbach who work to crush discussion about difficult political topics on college campuses.

For years, conservatives who appear on college campuses are heckled and shouted down for daring to question the popular leftist narrative.

Steinbach's resignation is encouraging and demonstrates that conservatives can win on college campuses. However, there is a long fight ahead and conservatives need to win it if we have any hope of reclaiming academia.

Written By:
Robert Hoel

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