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 August 12, 2023

Some Republicans oppose Biden's emergency request for billions Ukraine aid

For reasons that confuse many, President Joe Biden has sent Ukraine tens of billions of dollars in money and military aid, but he wants more. 

According to the Washington Examiner, he wants a ton more, actually -- to the tune of $24 billion as part of an emergency supplemental request from the president in which he also asks for $12 billion in disaster relief and several billion to bolster border security.

Republicans do not necessarily have a problem with the latter requests -- it's the request for additional Ukraine funding that has many GOP lawmakers lining up in rigid opposition.

It was noted that Biden's White House making the emergency request means it "can go around the spending limits set in the Fiscal Responsibility Act, which raised the debt ceiling but set spending caps on this year’s appropriations."

Recently, a group of 12 GOP lawmakers, led by Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH), fired off a letter to Biden in which they insisted he pull back the funding request for Ukraine, arguing that such a request violates the recently passed debt ceiling agreement.

"By requesting a supplemental appropriations package, you are putting the U.S. on a path toward a government shutdown by violating the debt ceiling agreement," Davidson's letter read.

It added, "This request exacerbates your administration’s out-of-control deficit spending and circumvents the bipartisan debt ceiling agreement," the letter reads.

"Americans are tired of funding endless wars and want policies that not only help restore fiscal sanity in Washington, but also put America and American citizens first. … We ask that you withdraw your request for additional assistance until you provide Congress with a comprehensive strategy and mission for U.S. involvement in Ukraine," it continued.

The situation is causing yet another intra-party mess, not unlike the one that was created in the lead-up to passing the latest debt ceiling bill.

The Examiner noted:

This does complicate the appropriations process. House Republicans were already struggling to pass appropriations bills, only passing one of 12 before leaving for the August recess. The main struggle is they couldn’t get hard-line conservatives and centrists on the same page, and now the supplemental request will only further complicate things.

The defense hawks in the Senate are supportive of additional aid to Ukraine, while conservatives in the House have specifically stated they won’t support a supplemental, causing an impasse.

Some Republicans are still supporting sending billions in aid to Ukraine, while others, who can read the rooms of many American voters unlike their colleagues, have gone on record opposing it.

It was noted that without Democratic help, there's no chance the Republican-led House will pass a bill that provides such a large amount of additional aid to Ukraine.

Only time will tell if Biden gets anything out of his request.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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