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 March 5, 2024

Senator John Fetterman defending Boebert's family online following son's arrest

Democratic Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) raised concerns about the treatment of Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert's (CO) family following her son's arrest, denouncing what he termed as "recreational cruelty" aimed at them.

"This is a family in crisis and the recreational cruelty I see on social media needs to be out of bounds. I know the impact this has on children. I'm calling for restraint because cruelty has substantial collateral damage. We can't ever forget that they didn't sign up for this," expressed the Pennsylvania Democrat on X.

The response

Acknowledging the impact of such situations on children, Fetterman urged for restraint, emphasizing the broader collateral damage inflicted by acts of cruelty.

He emphasized that children, like Boebert's son, did not willingly sign up for the public scrutiny they face.

Fetterman's remarks, given his own public struggles with mental health issues, drew support from a variety of voices across the political spectrum on social media.

Finding allies

Commentator and attorney A.G. Hamilton commended Fetterman's stance, labeling it as "Another W for John Fetterman," while Democratic political strategist Mo Elleithee echoed his sentiments with an "Amen to this."

Fetterman's remarks followed reports of charges against Boebert's 18-year-old son, Tyler Jay Boebert, linked to several felonies and numerous misdemeanor and petty offenses.

Colorado authorities revealed that the charges stemmed from a series of vehicle trespasses and property thefts.

Boebert's situation

In a statement shared with HuffPost, Boebert expressed her love for her son and acknowledged the challenges he faced as a result of his actions, which have thrust him into the public spotlight.

She emphasized the importance of accountability, asserting that her son should face consequences for his decisions like any other citizen.

Fetterman and Boebert have previously exchanged barbs. Last September, Fetterman criticized Boebert after she was removed from a showing of "Beetlejuice" due to inappropriate behavior. In response, Fetterman humorously quipped on Twitter, suggesting that such behavior might elevate him to folk hero status.

Boebert, in turn, has also been critical of Fetterman, particularly targeting his attire during a Senate press conference in May, where she characterized his choice of clothing as "truly unbecoming" for someone in his position.

The exchange between Fetterman and Boebert underscores the ongoing tension between the two political figures, highlighting the broader divisions within the political landscape.

Written By:
Dillon Burroughs

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