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 July 9, 2024

Tommy Tuberville Claims That Prominent Democrats Like Pelosi And Obama Control U.S., Not Biden

In a striking assertion on national television, Senator Tommy Tuberville claimed that key Democratic figures and former leaders, rather than President Joe Biden, are currently governing the United States.

The Rolling Stone reported that during an interview, Tuberville suggested that Senator Chuck Schumer, Representative Nancy Pelosi, and former President Barack Obama, along with others, hold the real power in Washington.

Speaking to Maria Bartiromo on Fox News' "Sunday Morning Futures," Tuberville expressed concerns about President Biden's actual influence over government operations.

He claimed Biden had some control during the initial years of his presidency but has been less involved thereafter. This theory looks a lot stronger after what we saw during the presidential debate last week.

Unpacking Senator Tuberville's Claims

Tuberville's comments elaborate on a broader theory he shared, where he attributes significant administrative decisions and policies not to Biden, but to other prominent Democrats and members of what he calls "the Deep State."

The Senator directly named Schumer, Pelosi, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan as the figures behind major governmental decisions. This, he argues, is evident from their actions during the first two years of the Biden administration.

In his political career, Tuberville has not shied away from controversy or conspiracy theories.

Earlier statements from him include accusations against Democrats of being part of a "satanic cult." His latest comments align with this pattern, suggesting a hidden power structure.

Additionally, Tuberville has previously obstructed military promotions in protest against Pentagon policies he disagreed with, especially those facilitating travel for military members seeking abortion care outside their state.

A Nationwide Call for Moral Realignment

Tuberville also shared insights from his travels across all fifty states, emphasizing a perceived decline in moral values and the need for a return to religious principles in governance. He criticized Democrats for allegedly straying from religious values.

He accused the Biden administration of undermining religious expressions, citing an alleged ban on religious-themed Easter egg designs—a policy he attributed to the current administration, though it has been in place for decades according to the American Egg Board.

The Senator's call for a return to foundational American values includes a strong emphasis on the Constitution and religious texts. He believes that reinvigorating these elements is crucial for the country's future.

"We've lost our moral values across the country. We've got to get back to the Constitution, and we have got to get back to the Bible. We've got to get God back in our country. There’s not one Democrat that can tell you they stand up for God," Tuberville stated emphatically.

Tuberville's statements have sparked a range of reactions, from support within his base to criticism and disbelief among political opponents and analysts. His assertion that "Democrats are a Satanic cult" has particularly been met with controversy and backlash.

This is not the first time Tuberville has sparked discussion with his outspoken views, which often blend political positions with deep-seated beliefs about the direction in which the country should head.

Conclusion: A Divisive Figure in American Politics

To conclude, Senator Tommy Tuberville's recent remarks underline his controversial role in American politics.

Asserting that Biden is effectively not in command, he points to Schumer, Pelosi, Obama, Blinken, and Sullivan as the real leaders. His commentary extends beyond governance, touching deeply on moral and religious aspects he believes are vital for the nation. Whether these remarks will impact his political standing or policy influence remains to be seen.

Written By:
Christina Davie

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