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By Sarah May on
 September 14, 2022

Sen. Josh Hawley: AG Merrick Garland must resign or be fired

As frustration continues to mount over the Biden administration's politicization of federal law enforcement, Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley has stepped forward to argue that it is now time for Attorney General Merrick Garland to be removed from office or voluntarily step down from his post, as Fox News reports.

The lawmaker's comments came during a Friday appearance on Hannity, in which he declared that the Justice Department, as well as the FBI, are "abusing" their authority to pursue political foes and that Americans deserve accountability.

The prime-time Fox News host asked Hawley to discuss the extent of the wrongdoing he contends is occurring at the highest levels of the federal government and whether the conduct involves probes of parents attending school board meetings and an undue focus on attempting to prosecute former President Donald Trump, a line of questioning that prompted the senator to delve into the sorts of complaints brought to light recently by whistleblowers.

"I think we're seeing all of the above, Sean," Hawley began. "And I can just tell you, from the whistleblowers that I've seen from [Iowa Republican] Sen. [Chuck] Grassley who have to him about how the FBI is being abused, how this Justice Department is using it to go after Trump, how they're using it to try to shield Hunter Biden, we've had whistleblowers come forward and say the Biden administration lied about the Afghan refugees... ."

In Hawley's view, it is not simply the substance, but also the breadth of the transgressions within the administration that has been particularly shocking, in that "we're seeing this in all the different agencies and the consistent theme is the Biden people are abusing the law, they're abusing the procedures and they're doing it to go after their political opponents."

In light of those damning accusations from the Missouri legislator, Hannity asked whether Garland, as well as FBI Director Christopher Wray, are "up to their job," or if drastic personnel adjustments might be necessary for legitimacy and respect to be restored to the agencies they lead.

Responding to the question of the aforementioned agency heads' competence, Hawley replied, "no, no, they both – neither of them are. Both of them should go. They should both have resigned a long time ago. They should have been fired. And as to the attorney general, I believe that he should be removed if he will not step down."

Hawley's opinion on Garland's future appears to be shared by Alina Habba and Jim Trusty, attorneys representing Trump in the ongoing battle over the FBI's raid of the former president's Florida estate earlier this summer, who have, respectively, blasted the "incredibly disturbing" leaks emerging from the DOJ on the matter and the agency's decision to appeal a judge's recent grant of a special master to review materials seized in that search.

As Trusty aptly noted with regard to the latter issue, it makes little sense that Garland – who he says is "constantly talking about rule of law and transparency" – to oppose having another independent set of eyes on what the government is doing. But, as tends to be the case, people like the AG seem to think that such principles of justice are only applicable to those on the "correct" side of the ideological aisle.

Written By:
Sarah May

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