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 August 10, 2023

Sen. Bernie Sanders funneled $200K from campaign to wife's non-profit: Report

Sadly, one of the easiest ways to get rich in America these days, or at least live comfortably, is to have one of your relatives hold public office. 

One only needs to ask Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-VT) stepson, David Driscoll, how to cash in, as Fox News reported that he receives a healthy, six-figure salary from the "Sanders Institute," a non-profit, progressive think-tank run by Sanders' wife, Jane O'Meara Sanders.

Fox noted that Sen. Sanders "quietly" funneled a staggering $200,000 straight from his campaign coffers to his wife's non-profit.

Fox noted:

The independent senator's committee cut two $100,000 checks to the Sanders Institute for reported charitable contributions in January and March, its Federal Election Commission records show. The expenditures are the largest from the Sanders campaign to any entity this election cycle.

Surely, it's totally coincidental that the Sanders campaign's largest contributions this election cycle happened to be to his wife's non-profit organization, which happens to pay his stepson a ridiculous salary.

"Bernie once criticized Hilary for the Clinton Foundation yet sent $200K from campaign donations to his family non-profit to 'Revitalize democracy by actively promoting progressive solutions for environmental, racial & social justice issues.' Hypocrisy 101," one X user wrote.

Hilariously, in 2019, the progressive think-tank suspended its operations while Sen. Sanders chased the Democratic presidential nomination. At the time, it claimed that it wanted to avoid an "appearance of impropriety."

The organization has since been in full operation, although it was noted that it doesn't seem to accomplish much other than paying nearly half of its received contributions out to employee salaries.

Fox News noted:

Its latest publicly available tax forms from 2021 show the nonprofit burnt nearly 40% of its donations on salaries while appearing to conduct minimal work and having very few identifiable accomplishments.

Proving how ridiculous the non-profit institution truly is, it was reported that in 2021, it took in $716,618 in contributions. A whopping $152,653 in salary -- and other forms of compensation -- went to Driscoll, the son of the person who runs it, and the stepson of a powerful senator.

Interestingly, and definitely not surprisingly, the organization's biggest donors in 2021 happened to be Sen. Sanders' 2020 presidential campaign.

Sen. Sanders' campaign's donation, $350,000, and another large donation from another organization overseen by the heir to the Walmart fortune, made up for 84% of the total contributions.

One doesn't have to be a financial forensic scientist to understand why the organization exists.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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