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 October 5, 2023

Ruth Marcus, leftist columnist and associate editor for the Washington Post, says Donald Trump is getting a raw deal

Ruth Marcus, leftist columnist and associate editor for the Washington Post, believes that former President Donald Trump is getting a raw deal in the case against him in New York, Fox News reported. Marcus believes Trump is a "fraudster" but still concedes he's being unfairly targeted.

"The rule of law means not allowing Trump to evade responsibility, criminal or civil, for his behavior," Marcus wrote Tuesday in her opinion piece. "But it also entails not treating Trump more harshly than anyone else in similar circumstances, and I worry that is what is happening here," she concluded.

Marcus began from the viewpoint that Trump is guilty as sin and deserves to have the book thrown at him, but not to the extent that's happening now. "The punishment in his case is, as far as I can tell, unprecedented in its scale," Marcus said.

That "punishment" would amount to as much as $250 million or more based on what New York Attorney General Letitia James is after. Marcus said she would be "cheering if Trump is ordered to write a big check" in the end.

"But forcing the sale or other disposition of his businesses, as the judge ordered in his opinion last week, seems both unnecessary and unduly punitive, disproportionate to the offenses charged. And I worry that this consequence would not have been meted out to a different defendant who engaged in similar misconduct," Marcus added.

Trump is accused of inflating the value of his assets to obtain loans. Judge Arthur Engoron, who is presiding over the trial that began this week, previously ruled that the former president and his company intentionally deceived lenders and insurance companies about his net worth.

Marcus also believes he's guilty of that, but took umbrage with Trump's outsized punishment. The author cited a source inside the attorney general's office who maintained that "legal experts are trying to grapple with this in real time because, to the extent that this remedy has been utilized before, it hasn’t been utilized for a remedy of this scale and scope."

Marcus noted that other cases where the statute was applied dwarf the alleged infractions Trump is accused of making. The other cases also had a clear trail of victims who were directly hurt by those actions.

However, Trump's alleged crimes have no such victims, and therefore, the punishment doesn't fit the crime even if she believes he's guilty of it. "I have no brief for Trump," Marcus went on.

"Like many others, I wish there were a way to adequately punish him for his misbehavior — all of it — and prevent its repetition," she added. "Not just the alleged crimes for which he has been appropriately charged, but for all the noncriminal damage he has inflicted on this country and its citizens."

"Trump has trashed so many institutions that made the nation better and fairer and safer that no set of penalties seems equal to damage he has done. The temptation to lash out is understandable, especially in the hands of an elected prosecutor deploying a particularly powerful statute," Marcus said, revealing her own bias against the former president.

Surprisingly, Marcus has previously come to Trump's defense despite her undeniable hatred for the man. After Trump was indicted in Georgia in August, Marcus wrote that the fourth indictment in Georgia was "one too many" for her sensibilities.

"Whether that prosecution is advisable, in the wake of federal charges arising out of the same conduct, is a tougher question — one about which I have misgivings," Marcus said. She also slammed Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis for lacking "professionalism" in her "after-hours indictment" of the former president.

These leftist activists in the judicial system aren't even attempting to hide their prejudice anymore. What's happening to Trump is an injustice and a travesty, and it's about time someone like Marcus, who is on their side, points that out.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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