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 April 18, 2023

Ron Johnson's Response to 'Revealing' Biden Family Bank Records Is 'Jaw-Dropping'

Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, a Republican, is raising new concerns about the Biden family's "revealing" bank records, alleging that the media has "completely ignored" his 2020 report on the family's "grifting."

In a Sunday interview with Fox News, Johnson stated that he and fellow Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) have been investigating allegedly shady Biden family business transactions for years, according to The Conservative Brief.

According to the lawmaker, information about the presidential family has failed to gain traction in the mainstream media and the Justice Department.

“Let’s face it, Sen. Grassley and I pretty well laid out the case against the grifting Biden family back in September of 2020 before the election,” Johnson, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told Fox & Friends Weekend.

“Our report was completely ignored by the media, just as they ignored the Hunter Biden laptop because they’re advocates for the left themselves.

"And so what we’re finding out now is just new pieces of evidence of the grifts that the Biden family have been involved with – the bank records that basically confirm what the Treasury records showed from Sen. Grassley’s and my report,” he continued.

“I think what [was] recently reported on Fox is the trying to get into the sovereign wealth funds of like Ireland and some of these other countries. You know, our report shows something like a dozen different countries where Hunter Biden was again peddling the family name, trying to sell influence.

The lawmaker went on saying, "But I think the trying to tap into sovereign wealth funds I think is pretty revealing,” Johnson continued.

“Why would governments who own those sovereign wealth funds, why would they want to pay into the Biden family coffers and the Biden family grift? Well, it’s to gain influence,” Johnson went on.

“It’s, you know, who knows exactly how it might benefit them. But the level of compromise of this president, I think, is just jaw-dropping," Johnson said.

"And maybe even more jaw-dropping is how the media, except for a few outlets like Fox News, is completely ignoring it. I guess they’re OK with it."

The House Oversight and Accountability Committee announced last month that it had uncovered a network of approximately a dozen bank accounts used to funnel cash from foreign sources to President Joe Biden's family, with some of the funds ultimately reaching him.

Rep. James Comer  said in an interview with Just the News, "It's getting very close to Joe Biden." Comer also disclosed that whistleblower testimony has been added to the financial records.

Recent evidence indicates, according to the Kentucky Republican, that various members of the Biden family received or transmitted foreign funds, some of which originated from sources other than those widely reported, such as China, Russia, and Ukraine. The source reports that he specifically mentioned the United Arab Emirates as a new region of investigation.

Written By:
Charlotte Tyler

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