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By Sarah May on
 June 19, 2023

RFK Jr floated as possible, though perhaps unlikely, Trump running mate

Polls suggest that former President Donald Trump's recent federal indictment has not dented his base of support for the 2024 election, but some are suggesting that in order to truly bolster his chances of an Oval Office return, he should align with an unconventional vice-presidential pick sure to roil President Joe Biden, namely, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, as Newsweek has reported.

One of the biggest proponents of the unusual idea is former Trump advisor Steve Bannon, as the outlet noted, with the outspoken podcast host calling Kennedy – currently challenging Biden for the Democrat Party nomination – “an excellent choice” for the role.

Bannon's take came during an episode of his War Room program when he took a moment to respond to a question that had come in, presumably from a listener.

“Someone asked about Robert F. Kennedy and the great speech at Hillsdale [College] and what did I think about his prospects, Bannon began.

Referencing his unwavering support for 2022 Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake as the right choice for Trump's ticket, Bannon declared, “If she's not available to be Trump's VP, Bobby Kennedy would be an excellent choice for Trump to consider.”

Suggesting that his unorthodox idea was likely to garner more enthusiasm than some might expect, Bannon said that when he floated the concept during one of his public appearances, he received a standing ovation.

“This was a hardcore, this was a very hardcore MAGA, War Room Posse crowd,” Bannon explained about the group that responded so positively to the Trump—Kennedy scenario.

He continued, “I think that is a signal to the political elites in this country that something very different is going on, and I thought it was quite extraordinary.”

Though numerous observers – particularly within the mainstream media – have disregarded Kennedy's candidacy as an insignificant nuisance to the incumbent Biden, recent polling averages reveal that the challenger has already garnered 15% support among likely Democratic primary voters.

As such, if Kennedy were to join forces with Trump, and at least half of the Democrat's supporters remained loyal to him as part of the resulting bipartisan ticket, chances are strong that Biden 's chances of winning a second term would be effectively scuttled.

Despite the excitement some seem to feel that a Trump—Kennedy ticket could bring to the 2024 electoral stakes, it does not appear likely that such a union is at all likely.

Just last month, Kennedy took to Twitter to address the possibility in a head-on fashion, saying, “Just to quell any speculation, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will I join Donald Trump on an electoral ticket.”

“Our positions on certain fundamental issues, our approaches to governance, and our philosophies of leadership could not be further apart,” Kennedy added.

Though there is a great deal of truth in the old maxim that politics makes strange bedfellows, and there may well be certain strategic advantages that could be exploited if Trump and Kennedy did throw in together, such an outcome does not appear – at least as of now – to be on the cards.

Written By:
Sarah May

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