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 August 31, 2023

RFK Jr. admits Trump's mugshot release 'worked very well'

Until last week, many Democrats were presumably excited to see former President Donald Trump's mugshot released to the public, thinking that it would be the final nail in the coffin. Boy, were they wrong. 

Trump and his campaign team, not to mention millions of supporters, used the now-iconic mugshot as a rallying cry, as a symbol against corruption and injustice within the U.S. government.

The strategy has paid off in spades, as the former president raised record amounts of campaign funds and sucked every last breath of air from the headlines. He also managed to gain support from new voter groups that might have never considered voting for him before.

Even Democratic presidential hopeful Robert Kennedy Jr. admitted recently to Fox News host Jesse Watters that the mugshot's usage was spot-on, according to Breitbart.

Watters asked RFK Jr. if he thought Trump's mugshot appealed to any Democratic voters. RFK Jr. admitted that it was a brilliant move.

"Do you think the mug shot appeals to the Democrat base in any way?" the Fox News host asked.

RFK Jr. replied, "I had a mug shot when I was — I was a resident in Puerto Rico in 2001 when I was doing a protest against the Navy on a lawsuit that I eventually won that got the Navy out of Vieques. But when you’re arrested and you get that mug shot, you have a strategic decision about whether — how you want to look. I wondered whether he practiced it in front of a mirror or whether he was just angry at the time and that reflected what he did."

He added, "But I thought, from a strategic point of view, it worked very well for him."

Social media users applauded the Democratic hopeful's responses.

"RFK should take the gloves off against the Obiden regime... am a fan of RFK Jr and feel he is a red blooded American brother in arms... although I disagree with him on many issues; there is a deep level of respect for him and a love of God and the USA," a Twitter user wrote.

Given his similarities on some topics and views to former President Donald Trump, RFK Jr. has found support on the other side of the aisle.

Only time will tell if he's able to convince enough Democrats to back him over Biden, but he certainly has potential.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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