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 May 18, 2024

Republican Congressman Rich McCormick Initiates Divorce From Wife Of 12 Years

Representative Rich McCormick (R-GA) has officially filed for divorce from his wife of twelve years, Dr. Debra Miller.

The Daily Beast reported that the couple's separation, coupled with rumors of McCormick's involvement with Representative Beth Van Duyne (R-TX), has ignited a flurry of media speculation and controversy.

Amidst rumors of an affair with a fellow congressman, Rep. Rich McCormick has initiated divorce proceedings, raising both personal and professional eyebrows.

On May 3, 2023, McCormick filed for divorce in Gwinnett County, marking the beginning of the end for his 12-year marriage. On the same day, the court issued a mutual restraining order, setting legal boundaries between the now estranged couple.

Allegations of Affair Surface

Shortly after the divorce announcement, allegations emerged about McCormick's potential romantic involvement with Rep. Beth Van Duyne. Observers claim to have seen them together in intimate settings, including holding hands on the House floor.

Both McCormick and Van Duyne have maintained a low profile regarding their personal lives. McCormick's spokesperson stated that the congressman has been separated from his wife for some time and wishes to keep his personal matters private. Van Duyne's representative declined to comment on the situation.

McCormick, a Marine Corps and Navy veteran has been serving Georgia's sixth congressional district since his election in 2022. His district underwent significant redistricting that favored the Republican party, positioning him for his current role.

Prior to his political career, McCormick was an emergency room physician, an experience that he often references in his healthcare policy proposals. He and Dr. Miller share seven children. Van Duyne, who has been divorced since 2012, has two children from her previous marriage.

Previous Controversies and Public Perception

In addition to his recent personal challenges, McCormick previously made headlines for a daring stunt on the Capitol dome and a physical altercation with fellow Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. These incidents have contributed to his complex public persona.

The altercation with Greene involved a heated exchange about honesty and discussion standards in politics, for which McCormick later apologized, reflecting the contentious nature of his tenure.

The community and political colleagues have kept a keen eye on developments, though public reactions have been mixed. While some commend his straightforward approach to conflict, others are wary of the personal controversies surrounding him.

Dr. Miller has remained relatively quiet about the divorce, only suggesting that McCormick may not be completely open about the reasons behind their separation. "I'm not sure he will be forthcoming," she remarked, hinting at deeper issues within their relationship.

Legal Proceedings and Privacy Concerns

The legal aspects of divorce are being closely watched by legal experts and constituents alike. The mutual restraining order indicates a level of acrimony that might influence future proceedings.

As the divorce unfolds, both parties have expressed a desire to handle their matters privately, despite the public nature of their professions. This has led to a broader discussion about privacy and transparency among public officials.

This personal upheaval comes at a critical time in McCormick's career, as he navigates both re-election prospects and potential political ramifications from the rumored affair. How this personal issue impacts his political future remains a significant question among political analysts.

The controversy could potentially affect his standing with constituents who may view personal integrity as indicative of professional conduct. McCormick, however, has not publicly addressed these speculations directly, except to reiterate his commitment to privacy.


As Rep. Rich McCormick and Dr. Debra Miller proceed with their divorce, the implications reach far beyond their personal lives into his political career. The alleged affair with Rep. Van Duyne adds a layer of complexity to the narrative, affecting perceptions of integrity and professionalism. How McCormick manages this personal crisis amidst his legislative responsibilities could define his political trajectory and influence his effectiveness as a lawmaker.

Written By:
Christina Davie

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