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 April 16, 2023

Report shows Disney lost $250 million on two controversial films

Deadline reports that Disney lost over $250 million on only two films in 2022: Strange World and Lightyear. 

These are two films in which Disney decided to massively "go woke," in the process generating a huge amount of controversy.

The New York Post reports, "Strange World is about the explorer family the Clades. In the pic, young Ethan talks to his grandfather about his same-sex crush on another boy."

The Lightyear film, similarly, includes a lesbian character, named Alicia, and a same-sex kiss.

Up front, it was clear that both films struggled financially after opening. But now, we know the full extent of these struggles.

According to Deadline, Strange World lost 152.4 million, which tops the list of "the biggest box office bombs of 2022." Lightyear made third place, having lost $106 million.

Perhaps the most comical part of Deadline's report, however, is its attempt to explain why these films did so poorly.

Here's what Deadline writes about Strange World's failure:

Some might say Disney’s embrace of a gay character in the film turned off red-state audiences, while critics found the fantasy pic to be clunky and incomprehensible, and the animation retro and stale.

Apparently, those are not the reasons the film did poorly - at least according to Deadline. Instead, the outlet claims that "original animation is a challenge," and the outlet even seemed to suggest that the COVID-19 pandemic played a role in the poor showing.

Deadline, similarly, tried to blame Lightyear's lack of success on anything but the film's "go woke" approach.

Deadline writes:

One would think an extension of the Toy Story franchise, a spinoff about Buzz Lightyear, would be a sure-fire win, but devoted fans weren’t thrilled that Tim Allen wasn’t doing the voice-over (Chris Evans took over), not to mention their issues with the movie taking liberties with Toy Story canon. The $50.5 million domestic start wasn’t going to get Lightyear to the moon at the summer box office. Also potentially impacting grosses: former moviegoers getting too comfortable with seeing Pixar movies at home on Disney+ after Soul and Turning Red were sent straight to the service.

Whether you choose to believe all of these rationalizations or whether you accept the more likely explanation - i.e. "go woke, go broke" - is up to you.

It's unlikely that anyone is as happy about Disney's failures here as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), who has been fighting Disney's woke agenda, particularly its targeting of children.

DeSantis, though, has not commented on the films' failures.

Written By:
Robert Ayers

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