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 February 6, 2023

Report: Joe Biden is 'likely' rewriting State of the Union Address after Chinese spy balloon incident

Axios reports that President Joe Biden - or whoever it is who writes Biden's speeches - is "likely" rewriting Biden's State of the Union Address after the recent Chinese spy balloon spectacle. 

Per the outlet:

Biden and his speechwriters are prepared to be nimble — and likely rewrite — the China sections of the speech, as officials weigh Beijing's response to the U.S. military's downing of the surveillance balloon after it drifted across North America.

Axios, in its report, refers to China as "an uninvited guest" at the State of the Union Address. The outlet states that the China situation is going to "complicate" Biden's ability to "control the narrative about his administration."

Axios goes on to describe what it refers to as "the president's challenge."

The outlet writes:

The president's challenge is signal to Beijing that violating America’s airspace won’t be tolerated, while also convincing Americans — and skeptical Republicans — that he did enough to protect U.S. airspace . . . Biden also wants to preserve his administration’s ability to cooperate with China on everything from the global economy to climate change.

While some aspects of Axios's characterization of the situation are questionable, the outlet is right about Biden now having the challenge of explaining to Americans his handling of the Chinese spy balloon situation. And, that's because Biden doesn't appear to have convincingly handled the situation.

Biden and his administration allowed the balloon to travel all the way across the country - including near military assets - before finally deciding to shoot the balloon down over the Atlantic ocean.

It is unclear when the Biden administration first discovered the balloon. But, once they did discover it, the Pentagon appears to have quickly determined that - contrary to what the Chinese claimed - the balloon was a surveillance device.

Biden claims that he ordered the balloon to be shot down on Wednesday, but that the decision was made not to shoot it down for fear that the debris could be dangerous to people on the ground.

The likelihood is that this decision allowed the balloon to accomplish its mission by transmitting the information that it surveilled back to China.

Then, to make matters worse, the Biden administration has revealed that this Chinese spy balloon is not a one-off. Apparently, there have been many such balloons discovered in recent times.

The Biden administration also tried to claim that former President Donald Trump allowed a Chinese spy balloon to travel over the United States during his administration. But, it turns out that this is simply not true.

As Axios put it, Biden has a real "challenge" in trying to explain all of this to Americans.

It's not a good look, to say the least.

Written By:
Robert Ayers

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