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 April 17, 2023

Report finds non-U.S. citizens who use Joe Biden's migrant mobile app have a 99% chance of being allowed to enter the United States

According to a survey, more than 99 percent of foreign nationals who use President Joe Biden's migrant smartphone app to schedule appointments at the United States-Mexico border end up being released into the interior of the country, according to Breitbart News.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP One) is a smartphone app that encourages foreign people residing in Mexico who are pregnant, mentally ill, old, crippled, destitute, or victims of crime to make an appointment with officers at the border in the expectation that they may be released into American neighborhoods.

Foreign nationals in Mexico have the ability to use the CBP One app to make an appointment request up to 14 days in advance, after which they must present themselves at one of eight ports of entry in the states of Arizona, Texas, or California to complete their appointment.

According to a recent study by Adam Shaw of Fox News, more than 99 percent of foreign nationals who use the smartphone app end up getting allowed into the interior of the United States.

This success rate is astounding given the sometimes complex asylum procedure.

Fox News’s Adam Shaw reports that a CBP spokesperson told their network in one week over 75,000 applications have been processed or are scheduled to be processed by April 25. The spokesperson stated that when appointment slots become available, they are filled within minutes.

Less than 1% of the migrants who have had their consultations, according to the spokesperson, have not fulfilled the exception criteria. It indicates that the vast majority of those who obtain an appointment through the app are granted an exception and then transferred to Title 8 processing, which is the standard authority for immigration removal proceedings for migrants without documents.

From there, migrants granted an exemption from Title 42 may be released into the United States with a Notice to Appear, paroled into the United States, or in some cases removed via expedited removal.

Court documents in Louisiana revealed that more than 21,000 humanitarian exceptions were granted to applicants in January and over 20,000 in February. The statistics could fuel the right's criticism, which has portrayed the app as a "concierge service" for undocumented immigrants.

"The CBP One app is an innovative solution we are using to facilitate the safe and orderly arrival of noncitizens who believe they meet certain vulnerability criteria and are requesting a humanitarian exception to the CDC’s Title 42 Order," Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said in January according to Fox News.

"When Title 42 eventually lifts, this new feature will join one of the many tools and processes this Administration is providing for individuals to seek protection in a safe, orderly, and humane manner and to strengthen the security of our borders."

As Breitbart News reported, the Biden administration will soon release up to 30,000 foreign nationals into the U.S. interior every month via the mobile app.

Previously, the administration had been releasing about 20,000 foreign nationals a month via the app.

“It’s like a concierge service for illegal immigrants … rather than building a wall … [Biden has] built a Ticketmaster for illegal immigrants,” Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) said of the mobile app during a hearing last month.

Written By:
Charlotte Tyler

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