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 January 27, 2024

Rep. Swalwell takes rare shot at 'soft-on-crime' prosecutors, bucking Biden admin

The Biden administration is all about the soft-on-crime approach, which has spiraled America's crime problem into crisis levels. 

According to Fox News, even card-carrying Democrats like Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) appear to have grown sick and tired of such an approach.

Swalwell bucked his own party and President Joe Biden's administration by recently calling out soft-on-crime prosecutors for placing American children in danger after the report of a car-jacking incident that resulted in a 2-year-old boy being abandoned in the street.

Swalwell held nothing back in a social media post calling out the progressive, dangerous prosecutors who aren't doing enough to keep the bad guys off the streets.

"My wife and I play these scenarios over in our head all the time. We’ve practiced going out through the back seat to get our kids out of our car if we are carjacked. This is not normal. Soft on violent-crime prosecutors are letting too many dangerous people threaten our kids," the California Democrat wrote.

Swalwell's statement presumably raised eyebrows within his own party, as most Democrats are fans of the soft-on-crime prosecutorial approach.

Fox News noted:

Liberal billionaires have played a significant role in pushing many left-wing prosecutors into office in several cities nationwide. George Soros, for example, has devoted tens of millions of dollars to elect such candidates.

Across the nation, and especially in Democrat-led cities and areas, crime has spiked across the board. There has been a sharp rise in crimes like carjacking and muggings, and more serious crimes like murder and rape.

It's almost as if the bad guys who perpetrate such crimes aren't worried about serious consequences for their actions. Wonder why that is?

Social media users reacted to Swalwell's statement.

"Well, of course I agree, but what party do virtually all of those "soft on violent-crime" prosecutors belong to?" one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "You are the party of soft on crime prosecutors. You support this."

It'll be interesting to see if any other Democrats follow his lead. Don't bet on it, though.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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