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By Sarah May on
 January 17, 2023

Rep. Matt Gaetz says Speaker Kevin McCarthy will release full Jan. 6 security footage

In news likely to strike fear in the hearts of Democrats everywhere, Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz (FL) says that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has signaled his willingness to release all video footage taken during the Jan. 6, 2021 unrest at the U.S. Capitol.

Discussing the situation during an appearance Friday on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Gaetz said McCarthy's promise was one of the concessions he made in order to win the votes of himself and Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) in what turned out to be his highly contested quest for the speakership.

Gaetz's comments came a day after McCarthy himself told reporters that such a release is indeed set to occur, as Breitbart noted.

“I want to very thoughtful about it, but yes, I'm engaged to do that,” McCarthy explained. The speaker continued, “I think the public should see what happened on that day. I watched what [former Speaker] Nancy Pelosi [D-CA] did, where she politicized it.”

“I think the American public should actually see what happened instead of a report that's written on a political basis,” McCarthy added.

Describing the scope of what he believes the speaker is poised to release, Gaetz said in a conversation with conservative talk show host Charlie Kirk, “Kevin McCarthy told us he's going to get evidence out in front of the American people, and that means releasing the 14,000 hours of tapes that have been hidden.”

In the aftermath of McCarthy's comments to reporters on the matter, Gaetz tweeted his gratitude to “the 20 patriots who helped EARN this commitment from the speaker,” referencing the GOP holdouts who forced 15 rounds of voting before electing him to his current perch of power.

“Keeping promises is how trust is built,” Gaetz observed, adding, “I'm growing more optimistic by the day!”

On Saturday, Boebert publicly reinforced her understanding of what the Republican leader has pledged, tweeting, “Speaker McCarthy says he'll be releasing ALL the footage from January 6th. Considering all the public has seen are edited clips from a bunch of Democrats with an axe to grind, it sure will be nice to get some unbiased footage.”

Also lauding McCarthy's decision on the Jan. 6 footage was Carlson himself, who said, as the Daily Caller noted, “Well, yeah. After two full years, after a highly publicized and highly politicized congressional committee, after endless grandstanding in the media, after unprecedented political crackdowns, after nearly 1,000 arrests, after all of that: Americans, yes they do, have a right to know what actually happened on Jan. 6.”

“That's what Kevin McCarthy said. Who could argue otherwise? What is the counter argument?” Carlson rhetorically asked.

The host took issue with contentions from certain federal prosecutors that a release of the footage would create a national security risk, mocking their position that it would reveal key facts about the Capitol facility itself.

“You can't know whether the Capitol's surveillance cameras pan, tilt or zoom – and if you do know, America is in peril,” Carlson sarcastically stated. “It's completely absurd. Every human movement in the United States Capitol is recorded by cameras, and you already knew that because the same is true in virtually every public building in the Western hemisphere.”

“That is not a secret,” Carlson said, adding, “[t]hat of course, is not the secret the Democrats fear you might learn if you saw the tape,” and while specific details about any forthcoming release still remain unknown, a growing number of Republicans clearly expect the footage to shed potentially damning light on what happened that fateful day and the role Democrats and the federal government may have played in it.

Written By:
Sarah May

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