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By Sarah May on
 July 25, 2023

Rap song honoring Marjorie Taylor Greene draws online mockery

Firebrand Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has never shied away from the limelight, but since the release of a rap song singing her praises and her appearance in an accompanying video, the lawmaker has received a deluge of criticism and mockery, as the Daily Dot reports.

Greene collaborated with Florida rap artist Forgiato Blow -- name Kurt Jantz -- on a single in which he lauds the congresswoman's approach to controversial issues of the day, and though the legislator has expressed her pride in the final product, not everyone has been so enthusiastic.

The rapper, known for his catchy riffs on conservative themes, touted his latest tune on Twitter earlier this month, saying, as Newsweek noted, “Patriots, what's up it's Forgiato Blow, the Mayor of MAGAdom. My new album is out right now click this link I got a new song coming with the MAGA's MVP,” a reference to Greene.

The song itself pays homage to the congresswoman, with Jantz saying, “Marjorie, I really love what you do. Keep calling those RINOs out, no one does it better than you. A real business woman, AOC's a featherweight. A southern belle, a little hood, watch her shake and bake.”

Responding to Jantz's promotion of the song online was Greene herself, who posted a photo in which she was seen sitting on a golden throne festooned with lions, wings, velvet cushions, and assorted royal adornments.

“I never thought I'd be featured in a rap video but then again I never thought the left would be grooming our children,” Greene declared.

Speaking with Newsweek, Greene expressed her appreciation for the song as well as for the rapper's public support for her bill designed to make the provision of so-called “gender-affirming” medical care to minors a felony offense.

Not surprisingly, those already predisposed to harbor ill will toward Greene leapt at the opportunity to blast the Georgia Republican for this foray into the world of rap videos.

One Twitter user opined, “The MTG rap video is hands down the most awkward disaster I've ever seen on the internet and I need to scrub my eyeballs. No I will not retweet.”

A commenter on YouTube quipped, “There is nothing less hip hop than MTG. Any song about her should be over a banjo track.”

The disdain of yet another online poster was conveyed via a simple and succinct question, with the user writing, “Is this a joke?”

Offering a somewhat more substantive critique of the joint endeavor was conservative Twitter account PatriotTakes, which reminded viewers that Jantz has a history of promoting the sale and use of drugs, something which stands in contrast with Greene's recent expressions of outrage over the discovery of cocaine inside the Biden White House.

PatriotTakes also noted that Jantz has been accused of rapping about the trafficking of women, and if such claims are true, it may be wise for Greene to more carefully vet those with whom she chooses to publicly associate, regardless of the grassroots outreach opportunities collaborations of this sort might offer.

Written By:
Sarah May

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