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 March 24, 2023

Rap artist and producer CeeLo Green falls off of a horse at party in honor of late rap legend Shawty Lo

Rap artist and producer CeeLo Green fell off of a horse he was riding at an indoor venue, the Daily Caller reported. Green was making an entrance at a party in honor of the late rap legend Shawty Lo.

Green, born Thomas DeCarlo Callaway-Burton, was seated astride the horse inside The Bank event venue in Atlanta. The former "The Voice" coach was participating in a celebration held annually in memory of Lo's death in a 2016 auto accident.

A video of the incident shows the horse having some trouble gaining traction on the floor as it's being led around through the room. The horse appeared to be agitated by the experience at the onset.

The animal was surrounded by handlers inside the dark room lit only by spotlights crisscrossing in front of the horse. After some struggling, the horse lost its footing, and Green fell off.

The video showed Green crashing face-first into the floor and rolling away from the horse to safety. Neither Green nor the animal he was riding sustained any injuries.

Predictably, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals pounced on Green. "It doesn’t take a genius to know that horses don’t belong at a noisy, crowded party, where slippery floors and strobe lights can agitate these vulnerable animals," the organization reportedly said.

"If CeeLo bumped his head, PETA’s hoping it knocked some sense and compassion into him." Of course, the organization is not wrong that it was inappropriate and perhaps foolish to bring a horse into such a situation.

However, the callous response to Green's potential for injury is typical of PETA's animal-first mentality and extremist viewpoint. The organization went so far as to post a bizarre cartoon ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday in November that underscored its twisted philosophy.

The cartoon depicted anthropomorphic turkeys as a mom, dad, and child gathered around a table. In the center was a platter with a roasted human baby being carved by the dad turkey.

"POV: The dinner tables turned & a family is gathered around your dead body to share why they're thankful," the caption explained. The internet had a field day with the absurd and gruesome subject matter.

Some pointed out the ridiculous details, including the fact that the mom turkey was cradling a baby bump despite the fact that turkeys lay eggs, Fox News reported. Jerry Dunleavy, a reporter for the Washington Examiner, took a swipe at another humourous angle.

"The turkeys must be destroyed before they rebel against us," he tweeted. Jeffrey Blehar of the National Review similarly mocked the implications of the illustration.

"Yeah wow man, that would really suck," he tweeted. "Good thing we evolved to be apex predators and not flightless birds."

Whoever made the decision to use a horse in a building where it doesn't belong should be held responsible for an incident that could have been much worse. However, the proper perspective for critics should always be human life over animals.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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