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 May 8, 2024

QUB Students Seek Ouster of Hillary Clinton As Chancellor

Protesters at Queen's University Belfast are calling for the removal of Hillary Clinton from her role as Chancellor, citing a lack of democratic process and disagreement with university ties to Israeli institutions.

The Daily Mail reported that students at Queen's University Belfast have launched a protest demanding significant changes at the institution, including the ousting of its chancellor. The protest, organized by the QUB Palestine Assembly, includes a sit-in and aims to address several contentious issues.

The main demands focus on the removal of Hillary Clinton as chancellor and cutting ties with Israeli universities.

The protesters are also advocating for the implementation of a democratic process for selecting the university's chancellor.

Protest Erupts With Democratic Demands

The QUB Palestine Assembly, leading the protest, has emphasized the need for a democratic election process for the next chancellor.

They argue that the current method does not reflect the democratic values that should be inherent in educational institutions.

Further, the Assembly has criticized the content and terminology used in the university’s courses related to deeply divided societies, particularly those pertaining to Palestine. They are pushing for educational reforms that they believe will lead to more balanced and fair representations.

During the sit-in, students expressed their dissatisfaction with the university’s stance and curriculum, urging immediate changes that reflect a more inclusive and fair academic environment.

Support From Political Figures and Broader Community

Gerry Carroll, a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) from People Before Profit, attended the sit-in, offering strong support for the student protestors.

He praised their initiative and expressed solidarity, highlighting the university's historical context of opposing oppression.

"I think it’s very, very important that they’ve done this," Carroll stated, adding, "Hopefully the students can force management to act. This place, as many universities do, has a history of people standing up against oppression and these students are following their friends and fellow students in America and at Trinity College, Dublin."

Carroll's presence and statements have bolstered the protesters, providing them with significant political backing and public attention.

University's Response to the Protest

In response to the protests, a spokesperson from Queen's University emphasized the institution’s commitment to freedom of expression and the right to protest.

They noted that the university has engaged in constructive discussions with various groups, including the students' union and trade unions.

"Queen’s University Belfast is committed to freedom of expression, the right to hold a range of views, and the promotion and protection of the right to protest," the spokesperson said. They also mentioned that the university strives to ensure that campus activities can continue without disturbance.

The university acknowledges the differing views regarding the Middle East and seeks to maintain a respectful and open environment for all its stakeholders.

Broader Context and Future Actions

The protest at Queen's University is part of a larger pattern of demonstrations related to Israeli actions in Gaza. Recently, thousands of pro-Palestinian supporters gathered at Downing Street, protesting against Israel's attack on Rafah.

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament reported that approximately 5,000 people participated in the protest, indicating a significant public outcry and solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

The QUB Palestine Assembly plans to discuss further actions, aiming to continue their advocacy and push for the changes they deem necessary at the university level.

Conclusion: A Call for Change and Dialogue

In conclusion, the protests at Queen's University Belfast highlight a growing discontent among students regarding the university's leadership and its international affiliations. The demonstrators are calling for a shift towards more democratic processes and a reevaluation of the curriculum to better represent global conflicts and human rights issues. The university’s open approach to dialogue and its affirmation of protest rights suggest the potential for future resolutions that could address the students' concerns.

Written By:
Christina Davie

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