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 October 19, 2023

Pro-Palestinian insurrectionists storm Washington D.C., takeover federal building

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian insurrectionists led by Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) stormed Washington D.C. and occupied a federal House office building demanding a ceasefire in Gaza.

Protestors chanting “ceasefire now” and “let Gaza live," broke into the Cannon Office Building where congressional staff and lawmakers work. Considering the new standard set by Democrats, the occupation of a federal building by protestors constitutes an insurrection.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was one congressional member who was at the scene of the protest who noted, "There’s an insurrection happening now on Capitol Hill. They are claiming they want peace but they want money to go to terrorists."

Greene has been a strong advocate for the January 6th protestors who have had their civil rights violated for years so she is intimately familiar with the double standard that was on display with this protest.

Capitol Police eventually moved in and evicted the protestors but not without significant trouble. Democrats have demonized conservative protestors as insurrectionists so it is only fair that Democrat protestors get the same treatment.

Advocating for terrorists

Not only was the conduct of the pro-Palestinian protestors and Representative Tlaib tantamount to an insurrection, it was also reprehensible as they were advocating for child murdering terrorists.

These protestors want Israel to cease attacking Gaza despite the fact that Israel was the victim of a brutal terrorist attack that left hundreds of civilians dead and thousands wounded.

Furthermore, Representative Tlaib herself falsely claimed that Israel had bombed a hospital in Gaza when in reality it was a misfired rocket from Hamas.

Tlaib claimed, "We just continue to watch people think it’s okay to bomb a hospital. With children." Ironically, Tlaib doesn't seem to care at all about the children murdered in Israel by barbaric terrorists.

Tlaib is rightly facing massive backlash for her conduct. Representative Mike Lawler (R-NY) told Fox News that, "The fact that Rashida Tlaib stood outside yesterday in this rally saying and repeating this vile, disgusting lie that Israel bombed a hospital and offering no remorse despite the fact that the administration said it was a lie. It shows what a disgusting person she is. She has no business serving in the House of Representatives."

The pro-Palestinian protestors who stormed a federal building will not see a tenth of the force that January 6th protestors have endured despite the fact that these people have outed themselves as anti-American terrorist supporters.

Rampant antisemitism

This incident in Washington D.C. is just one of dozens of protests and riots that have occurred both around the nation and worldwide.

The behavior of many following the horrific attack on Israel was both disgusting and terrifying, especially for Jews around the world. Even mainstream figures were praising the terrorists who murdered Jews indiscriminately on October 7th.

Americans need to wake up to the fact that antisemitism is on the rise and the Democrat Party is openly cheering it on.

Written By:
Robert Hoel

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