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 October 14, 2023

President Biden trips on steps . . . for the umpteenth time

President Joe Biden has tripped on another flight of steps. 

This time it was a relatively short flight of steps. The incident was caught on camera, and the video has been posted to X by RNC Research.

Take a look for yourself:

This latest tripping incident took place on Friday, Oct. 13, when Biden made a stop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to discuss such things as "Bidenomics" and global warming.

In the above video, which is eight seconds long, Biden could be seen walking up a short flight of steps in order to get on to the stage that had been erected for him. Biden, with sunglasses on, holds on to the railing, looks down at the steps, and begins to ascend the handful of steps. But, things go wrong in a hurry.

As music is playing in the background, Biden has a small trip on one of the steps. Then, Biden has a much bigger trip as he attempts to continue ascending the steps. The president nearly falls to the ground, but, he catches himself.

Then, Biden tries to make light of the situation by grabbing on to the railing with both hands, looking up at the crowd, and laughing. Biden, with a wry smile on his face, then walks across the stage to the podium.

Unfortunately for Biden, this sort of thing has happened to him way too many times. That is, he has been caught on camera falling or nearly falling on numerous occasions.

There is the incident that occurred earlier this year at the U.S. Air Force Academy graduation ceremony, where Biden claimed that he tripped over a "sandbag" that was on stage.

Then, there are multiple incidents in which Biden has tripped on the steps of Air Force One. Here is one. And, here is another.

Finally, there is the incident in which Biden fell off of his bike.

These incidents, of course, are not doing any favor for Biden in his quest for reelection. Multiple polls have indicated that Americans doubt whether the 80-year-old Biden, given his mental and physical condition, can continue to perform the job of U.S. president.

There is no doubt that these falls are only going to add to the perception that Biden is too old for the job, no matter how many times Biden tries to laugh off his frailties.

Written By:
Robert Ayers

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