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 July 10, 2024

Poll Reveals Americans Starkly Divided on Prison Time for Donald Trump and Hunter Biden Following Felony Convictions

A recent poll underscores the deep political divide among Americans concerning whether former President Donald Trump and Hunter Biden should be incarcerated following their legal convictions.

Fox News reported that the survey, spanning June 20-24, 2023, shows contrasting views on the potential imprisonment of both figures. While sharply divided, it appears that a majority want to see a less severe sentence for Trump.

The AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research conducted a survey involving 1,088 U.S. adults to gauge public opinion on these high-profile legal cases. The survey's findings reveal a nation sharply divided over Trump's legal repercussions and somewhat less so regarding Biden's situation.

Amidst the backdrop of Trump's conviction for 34 counts of falsifying business records in New York, 48% of surveyed adults believe he should be sentenced to prison. In contrast, an equal number of respondents, 50%, oppose the idea of prison time for the former president.

Diverse Political Views on Trump's Conviction

Political affiliations significantly influence opinions on Trump's fate. Approximately 80% of Democrats surveyed advocate for his imprisonment, while only around 10% of Republicans share this view. Among independents, the split is nearly even, with 49% supporting imprisonment versus 46% against.

Trump's sentencing was initially set to occur just days before the Republican National Convention but has been postponed to September 2023.

This delay aligns with early voting periods in several states, potentially impacting public opinion and electoral dynamics.

Hunter Biden's legal issues involve his conviction for lying about drug use while purchasing a firearm. A substantial majority, 60% of U.S. adults, approved of this conviction, reflecting a cross-party consensus with about 60% of Democrats and 70% of Republicans in agreement.

Similarly, about 60% of respondents feel that Hunter Biden deserves prison time for his offenses, with a notable majority of Republicans favoring imprisonment over Democrats.

Analysis of Survey Results and Public Opinion

The survey by AP-NORC not only sheds light on current opinions but also reflects the deep-seated divisions within the American public regarding accountability and justice in high-profile cases.

These divisions are not just partisan but also involve independent voters who often sway public sentiment and election outcomes. Their nearly split opinions on Trump's imprisonment underscore the ongoing debate and polarization in U.S. politics.

These poll results may influence not only public perception but also the strategies of political parties as they navigate the implications of these legal battles in upcoming elections.

The timing of Trump's delayed sentencing, coinciding with the early voting period, could particularly affect the Republican Party's campaign strategies and voter turnout.

As the U.S. heads towards another election cycle, the legal issues surrounding Trump and Hunter Biden are poised to remain significant topics of discussion, potentially shaping voter attitudes and the national political climate.


In conclusion, the AP-NORC poll highlights a nation divided over the justice served to high-profile figures.

While a significant portion of Americans agree with the convictions of both Trump and Hunter Biden, their opinions on the appropriate penal consequences reveal deeper political and ideological rifts. This survey captures a snapshot of America's complex landscape of opinion at a crucial time in its legal and electoral history.

Written By:
Christina Davie

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