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By Sarah May on
 December 30, 2022

Poll: Over one-fifth of likely voters view Dems as country's biggest threat

Despite his evident sense of satisfaction over his party's better-than-expected results in the midterm elections, President Joe Biden this week was hit with survey results from Rasmussen Reports indicating that Democrats are viewed by a sizable portion of the population as the country's greatest threat.

According to the survey, respondents deemed China to be the nation's most significant enemy, with 25% signaling concerns about the totalitarian regime in Beijing.

However, in a very close second place – at 22% -- were Democrats, who poll participants said constitute the greatest threat to the United States.

By way of comparison, Republicans were declared to be the greatest danger facing the country by just 17% of respondents, with 20% pointing the finger at Russia, and an additional 9% expressing uncertainty about the nation's most significant foe.

The party affiliation of poll participants played a role in the way in which they characterized the threat profile facing America, with 33% of Republicans pegging Democrats as the biggest danger and 33% of Democrats suggesting that the GOP is the most noteworthy enemy.

When it came to independents, Democrats were branded the most significant threat by 21% of respondents self-identifying in that fashion, and Republicans were seen as the largest danger by 18% of that group.

The Rasmussen results suggest that the approach taken by Biden earlier this year in which he attempted to portray Trump-supporting conservatives – people he dubbed “MAGA Republicans” – to be the most serious threat to democracy in at least a generation was, in the end, a flop.

During an angry speech in front of Philadelphia's Independence Hall, Biden went after those who did not support him in the last election, declaring, “Too much of what's happening in our country today is not normal. Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.”

Biden added, “there's no question that the Republican party today is dominated, driven and intimidated by Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans and that is a threat to this country.”

At the time, the president's direct assault on roughly half the country was slammed by, among others, Washington Times columnist Charlie Hurt who described as unprecedented the use of a presidential address to castigate a large segment of the population he governs.

“I've never seen such an angry, rancid speech in which a president attacks the voters that he supposedly serves,” Hurt said, adding his suspicion that Biden was “doing everything he can to gin up something so that people do get out of hand,” noting that the prospect was “a terrifying thing to contemplate.”

Trump himself fired back at Biden's assertions soon after they were made, telling a rally crowd in Pennsylvania, “Instead of trying to demonize half of the population Biden and congressional Democrats should focus on stopping the killing and the bloodshed in Philadelphia and every other Democrat-run city in America, where record death and destruction is taking place every single day.”

“[Biden] thinks making America great again is a threat to our country. No, making America great again is great for our country,” Trump contended.

While it is certainly true that the so-called red wave some pundits expected in the midterms did not materialize, the aforementioned Rassmussen survey of 900 likely voters strongly suggests that a significant portion of the electorate remains highly skeptical, perhaps even suspicious of, the Democrats and their declared intentions for the nation.

Written By:
Sarah May

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