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 May 24, 2023

Pennsylvania Democrats pass two gun control bills implementing red flag laws and universal background checks

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed two gun control bills Monday while two others failed, Breitbart reported. If ratified, the Keystone State will have s0-called red flag laws while requiring universal background checks for long guns.

Democratic Rep. Jennifer O’Mara pushed the red flag legislation on the grounds that it would save lives. However, similar laws in Illinois, Colorado, and California have not moved the needle on the largest problems like gang shootings, mass killings, or violent crime.

Still, O'Mara, who is part of Moms Demand Action, touted the measure in suicide prevention. "Back in Harrisburg for Session as a mom on a mission!" she tweeted Monday ahead of the vote.

"I started off my morning addressing volunteers w/@MomsDemand@CeaseFirePA," O'Mara continued. "This week the PA House is expected to vote on 4 bills focused on common sense gun reforms, including my bill to create Extreme Risk Protection Orders."

Underneath the euphemism of "common sense" is a measure that GOP State Rep. Stephanie Boorowicz recognized as an attempt at a gun grab. "The plan and the strategy has always been and will be to disarm law-abiding citizens," Boorowicz said.

"And any Republican that thinks they can vote for this today: Know that you are aiding and abetting the socialism and communism that the Democrats are pushing in this nation," she added. The bills will go on to the Senate, where they're likely to face opposition from a Republican majority.

A third bill that was voted down would have required gun owners to report firearms stolen or missing ostensibly to keep them from turning up on city streets, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. However, Democratic Rep. Frank Burns cast the deciding vote with Republicans, defeating the measure 101-100.

The final bill that did not pass would have required trigger locks to be purchased with certain firearms, which is yet another useless and onerous measure. However, that bill was not brought up for a vote at all.

On all of these bills, most Republicans took a firm stance against the requirements that would infringe on Second Amendment and due process rights. However, Democrats continually push the wishful-thinking narrative that taking guns from law-abiding citizens will stop crime.

"My police in the city of [Philadelphia], they want all of these pieces of legislation to help them actually fight crime," Democratic Rep. Jordan Harris claims. However, an incident that happened in the early morning hours on Monday in Philadelphia reveals the fallacy of that thinking.

Two people were shot and killed just after 3 a.m. that day in the City of Brotherly Love. The suspect used a stolen gun for the murders, therefore negating claims that any amount of gun control would make a difference.

Democrats have been attempting to disarm law-abiding citizens for decades, but the push seems to be taking on a sense of urgency with President Joe Biden in the White House. The president has used every shooting as another opportunity to push his radical anti-gun agenda culminating with an executive order signed in March tightening background check requirements with an eye towards banning so-called assault weapons, Fox News reported.

"I led that fight to ban them in 1994," Biden claimed of his earlier ban. "The 10 years that law was in place, mass shootings, went down," Biden claimed while smearing Republicans for allowing it to expire a decade later.

Stripping Americans of their Second Amendment rights is not the answer to the problem of gun violence. However, Democrats are more interested in ensuring there is a defenseless population than they are in stopping crime.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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