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 October 22, 2023

Ilhan Omar rages at Joe Biden and the Democrats for their support of Israel

U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) was caught on Friday raging at President Joe Biden and other Democratic leaders who have supported Israel in its war with Palestine. 

The incident was caught on camera. It is not the easiest thing to watch. But, if you think you can handle it, here it is:

This is the statement that Omar made outside of the U.S. Capitol on Friday afternoon. Her overall goal was to call for a ceasefire from Israel.

Israel is currently targeting Hamas following the Oct. 7 terror attack that Hamas carried out on the Israeli people, killing over 1,400 and injuring many more. The United States, under Biden's leadership, is supporting Israel, something that Omar does not agree with.

In her statement on Friday, Omar - in addition to calling for a ceasefire from Israel - targeted Biden and other U.S. Democratic leaders who have stood in support of Israel.

"How is it that we have a president who is talking about releasing hostages, who is talking about getting American citizens out of Israel, but could not get himself to say, I want to save and work to save the hundreds, thousands of Americans stuck in Gaza. What is wrong with you?" Omar asked.

She continued, "How is this possible? Wait, so [are] certain Americans' lives [more] important than another? Is the American that is living in Gaza less important than the one living in Israel? How is it that you're telling American citizens to go to the south of Gaza, but you can't tell Netanyahu not to bomb the south because there are Americans there?"

The congresswoman went on to claim that it is "painful and scary" to work with Democrats who are blaming all Muslims for the violence.

For the record, President Biden, while making it clear that he stands behind Israel, has also made it clear that the Palestinian people are not at fault here. Biden has even taken steps to provide humanitarian aid to Palestine.

None of this matters to Omar, though, who is simply mad that the United States is supporting Israel at all.

The Daily Wire reports:

Omar, who has an extensive history of anti-Semitism and being sympathetic toward terrorists, spread terrorist propaganda earlier this week about an explosion at a hospital in Gaza and later tried to walk it back after facing widespread criticism.

The Daily Wire further reports that Omar "exploded" when asked by a reporter why she and her other "Squad" members did not want Israel to go after terrorists who rape, murder, torture, and kidnap women and children.

Omar, in reply, shouted:

How many more killings is enough for you?! Is it a thousand more?! Two thousand more?! Three thousand more?! How many more Palestinians would make you happy if they died?! “Will you be fine if all of the people of Gaza were gone?! Would that make you happy?! Would that be the thing that makes you proud?!

Written By:
Oliver Winters

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