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 August 12, 2023

Obama biographer spills the beans about letters Obama sent to his past girlfriend

According to biographer David Garrow, former President Barrack Obama told him that he hoped Garrow would never see the letters that Obama once sent to his former girlfriend, Sheila Miyoshi Jager. 

Garrow - known for his 2017 biography, Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama - revealed as much during a recent interview with Fox News Digital.

For those unfamiliar with Jager, Obama, according to Garrow, was once crazy about her.

In fact, Garrow says that Obama proposed to Jager at least twice during their relationship but that both times she rejected him. Obama is reported to have subsequently ended his relationship with Jager, at least formally.

Garrow, however, has also revealed that Obama continued to see Jager informally - even after Obama entered into a relationship with Michelle Obama, who, at the time, was Michelle Robinson.

In his interview with Fox, Garrow talked about the letters that Obama used to send to Jager.

Garrow said:

Barack made it clear to me that he hoped I would never read them, I can put it that way. I think if the letters to Sheila ever become public, I think that will be a signal event. Those letters would detail just how extremely serious and extremely intense a relationship that was and that it continued off and on into his Harvard Law School years.

This, of course, begs the questions: did Garrow read the letters? And, what was in them?

It appears that Garrow has read the letters - or at least some of them. And, he is revealing some of their contents.

Prior to his Fox interview, Garrow made headlines with an interview that he did with Tablet magazine. The interview has garnered significant attention for some of the claims that Garrow made during it.

Among other things, Garrow, during this Tablet interview, claimed that Obama once sent a letter to Alex McNear, a former girlfriend of his, in which he allegedly told McNear, according to Garrow, that "he repeatedly fantasizes about making love to men."

Here, it is probably worth pointing out a couple of things about Garrow. First off, he is a Pulitzer-prize-winner. And, second off, he claims to be to the left of Obama on the political spectrum.

When asked by Fox about the claim, Garrow said this:

I'm a historian, not a psychotherapist. But, you know, I'm 70 years old. My sense of the world is that, you know, a large majority of humanity has fantasy lives. So, I don't find that passage in any way scandalous. It's sort of representative of humanity.

It's not clear how many would agree with this. Obama, at the time of this writing, has not replied to Garrow's claims.

Written By:
Robert Ayers

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