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 December 23, 2022

NFL Network analyst Willie McGinest involved in violent bar assault

Former NFL linebacker and current NFL Network analyst Willie McGinest found himself in a heap of trouble this week after video footage surfaced that shows him committing an alleged assault with a deadly weapon inside of a bar.

According to the Daily Caller, the brawl took place at a popular Los Angeles bar called Delilah, in West Hollywood, earlier this month. The video shows McGinest violently assaulting another man inside the bar.

The Daily Caller noted: "The altercation allegedly unfolded at Delilah in West Hollywood on Dec. 9, when McGinest and several other men began punching a man who was sitting at a table near them in the lounge, according to TMZ. Video footage shows McGinest walking up to a seated man, and they appear to exchange words for a short time."

Multiple individuals began attacking the man, with McGinest initially backing off but then reengaging.

At one point, McGinest grabs what appears to be a champagne or wine bottle and begins repeatedly striking the man in the face, until he finally laid the bottle back on one of the restaurant's seats.

After setting the bottle down, McGinest can be seen walking away.

The DC added: "The footage is grainy and stops short of showing perfectly clear images, but the man appeared to be bruised and bleeding when the group stepped away from him long enough for the camera to catch a glimpse of his face."

Not only has the former Patriots star linebacker been temporarily relieved of his lucrative NFL Network analyst career until the situation comes to a conclusion, McGinest has also been charged with felony assault.

It doesn't matter how much money he has for legal defense. The video is extremely damaging, and unless there are unbelievably extenuating circumstances, it appears as if the 51-year-old successful sports star tossed his entire legacy and career in the trash, on camera.

Twitter users tore into McGinest for acting as a "coward" by bringing what appeared to be his entire squad of friends and associates into beating on one man.

"This is incredible… turns out Willie McGinest is a damn coward," Dan Dakich tweeted. 

'That's like 7 on 1.. they are all cowards," another Twitter user added.

McGinest, in a social media post, suggested that there's more to the story and that the "truth will prevail." We'll see.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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