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 October 11, 2023

Nearly four million illegal immigrants have entered the United States under President Joe Biden

A congressional report revealed that President Joe Biden's administration added nearly four million illegal immigrants to the population of the U.S. in his first two years in office, Breitbart reported. More than a quarter of that number includes "gotaways."

The report, commissioned by GOP lawmakers, is titled  "The Biden Border Crisis: New Data and Testimony Show How the Biden Administration Opened the Southwest Border and Abandoned Interior Immigration Enforcement." It revealed they "released at least 2,148,738 illegal aliens into the United States" from when Biden was sworn in until March 2023, Immigration Subcommittee Chairman Tom McClintock (R-CA) and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) said in a statement.

The breakdown includes 2.1 million who were released as well as those who evaded arrest. Another 205,473 illegal immigrants got their freedom through "illegal categorical parole programs," the statement added.

"Meanwhile, more than 1.7 million known ‘gotaways’ have evaded Border Patrol and escaped into the interior since January 20, 2021, with untold numbers of unknown ‘gotaways’ avoiding detection during that period," the report stated. The administration has been largely unconcerned with those fugitives and instead focused only on those with violent criminal pasts.

Still, that means a total of nearly 4 million illegal immigrants have been left to their own devices in the U.S. Another 3 million have been brought over legally in that same time period, thanks to the Biden administration.

"The Biden Administration failed to remove, through immigration court proceedings, 99.73 percent of illegal aliens released into the United States during President Biden’s first 26 months in office," the report found. By comparison, there are roughly 7 million American births in each two-year period.

The administration has paid some lip service to the idea that they are following the current laws, but it's clear they're also exploiting loopholes to allow the influx to continue. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas touted his efforts of "expanding regular [migration] pathways" so companies can legally import foreign workers.

"Regrettably, our legal immigration system is not designed to meet the needs of employers here in the United States," he said before the Senate Judiciary Committee last May. "We have employers who are striving to hire, to find people who could fill jobs to contribute to our country’s economic prosperity," Mayorkas complained.

"Regrettably, regrettably, our legal immigration system is not designed to meet that need of employers here in the United States, despite the fact that individuals from other countries want to come here to work — even seasonally, even temporarily — earn the money that they can bring back to their home countries and support their families there." Mayorkas also spoke on the subject late last year, complaining that Canada does it better.

"We look to our partner to the north that has a much more nimble immigration system that can be retooled to the needs at the moment. For example, Canada is in need of 1 million workers, and they have agreed that in 2023, they will admit 1.4 million … immigrants to fill that labor need that Canadians themselves cannot," Mayorkas said.

"We are stuck in antiquated laws that do not meet our current needs. And they haven’t been working for many, many years," he lamented. Former Labor Secretary Marty Walsh similarly pushed for importing foreign labor in December 2022. "The issue of immigration is how do we make sure that companies and businesses have the opportunity to employ people," Walsh said.

"Every business leader in America I speak to, every single one, says it’s really important … for us to figure out the immigration issue," Walsh added. This sentiment was also shared by White House National Security Council transborder security senior director Katie Tobin.

“As our economy grows, we need workers that we just don’t have enough of," Tobin said in May. "So it is in our interest to bring people in and to stay competitive globally," she added.

At a time when the American economy is struggling and wages are stagnant, the U.S. is importing even more competitors who will work for less. However, the real problem is that there are also millions more unvetted people in America today as the world becomes a more dangerous place.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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