October 5, 2022

Minnesota judge rules that MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell must face defamation lawsuit

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell will be required to face a lawsuit from voting machine company Smartmatic.

Judge Wilhelmina Wright denied an effort by Lindell’s legal team to dismiss the lawsuit, announcing the ruling on Monday.

“Smartmatic has filed lawsuits against other Trump allies and media outlets, such as Fox News and Newsmax Media, for similar reasons,” the Washington Examiner reported.

“Lindell is the latest Trump ally to be targeted by judicial bodies looking to investigate incidents of voting rigging or manipulation following the 2020 election, it added.

The move comes shortly after Lindell announced that the FBI seized his cell phone. An aide for Lindell also recently had his phone taken by the FBI.

The latest ruling shows that the controversy over the 2020 election is still not over, with both those opposing it and the legal battles over voting machines still ongoing as the nation prepares for the November midterm elections.




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